“Chips” Adds: “On This Date”

Our Master of the Canonical Tid-Bit, Ron Lies “Chips” has added a wonderful new feature to his posts: the “On This Date in the Canon.” He will list the Watsonian/Sherlockian occurrences on key dates from his researches into the good doctor’s writings.

Here is this week’s:

To All:

A little behind on my posting but I am in a group of irregulars myself.


On This Date:

January 1st Saturday 1881, Stanford introduced Holmes to Watson.

January 2nd Sunday 1881, Watson moved into 221B Baker Street.

January 3rd Monday 1881 Holmes moved into 221B Baker Street.

January 3rd Saturday 1903 James Dodd received an amicable reply to his letter from Mrs. Emsworth.

January 4th Monday 1885 Joseph Openshaw received 5 Orange pips.

January 4th Sunday 1891 Holmes crossed Moriarty’ s path.

January 5th Monday 1903 James Dodd traveled from London to Bedford and thence to Tuxbury Old Place January 5th Monday 1903 James Dodd sees the face of Godfrey Emsworth at his bedroom window.

January 6th Wednesday 1886 Wednesday Charles Augustus Milverton called upon Holmes at 221B Baker Street.

January 6th Tuesday 1903 Colonel Emsworth tells James Dodd that he must leave Tuxsbury Old Park the next morning, January 6th Friday 1888 Jack Douglas shot and killed Ted Baldwin

and the most IMPORTANT:

January 6th Friday 1854 Sherlock Holmes was born!