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Thursday 1897 January 21st:  Sir Eustace Breckenstall was killed by Captain James Crocker.

Thursday 1897 January 21st:  Theresa Wright,Lady Breckenstall’s maid, said she saw three men in the moonlight.

One of my favorite stories ! How long I dreamed of being woken up by Holmes in his stirring words” Come Watson, Come he cried, The game is afoot”.

“Chips” Adds: “On This Date”

Our Master of the Canonical Tid-Bit, Ron Lies “Chips” has added a wonderful new feature to his posts: the “On This Date in the Canon.” He will list the Watsonian/Sherlockian occurrences on key dates from his researches into the good doctor’s writings.

Here is this week’s:

To All:

A little behind on my posting but I am in a group of irregulars myself.


On This Date:

January 1st Saturday 1881, Stanford introduced Holmes to Watson.

January 2nd Sunday 1881, Watson moved into 221B Baker Street.

January 3rd Monday 1881 Holmes moved into 221B Baker Street.

January 3rd Saturday 1903 James Dodd received an amicable reply to his letter from Mrs. Emsworth.

January 4th Monday 1885 Joseph Openshaw received 5 Orange pips.

January 4th Sunday 1891 Holmes crossed Moriarty’ s path.

January 5th Monday 1903 James Dodd traveled from London to Bedford and thence to Tuxbury Old Place January 5th Monday 1903 James Dodd sees the face of Godfrey Emsworth at his bedroom window.

January 6th Wednesday 1886 Wednesday Charles Augustus Milverton called upon Holmes at 221B Baker Street.

January 6th Tuesday 1903 Colonel Emsworth tells James Dodd that he must leave Tuxsbury Old Park the next morning, January 6th Friday 1888 Jack Douglas shot and killed Ted Baldwin

and the most IMPORTANT:

January 6th Friday 1854 Sherlock Holmes was born!

New Book

We are pleased to announce the publication of THE OENOLOGICAL HOLMES: The Role of Wine in the Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes, by Steve Robinson. Introduction by Brad Keefauver, BSI. Published by George Vanderburgh at The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, Illustrated with beautiful color photography throughout. A book that brings Sherlockians and wine lovers together for a look at the more human side of Sherlock Holmes.


Christmas Limerick

Isaac Asimov and his limerick for “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle”:

On the goose behind (fat and fine)
The Peterson Family may dine.
Then they find a large jewel—-
But can Sherlock be cruel?
It is Yule! To forgive is divine!

Chips wishing all a blessed and Joyous Christmas !

Holiday Tid-Bit

As we move into the time of Christmas , I look for and find that one volume and have it at hand to read. I open the cover of the book and read the introductory notes.
The title of the piece is: “The Blue Carbuncle or The Season of Forgiveness.”

The first Sentence is: “Surely one of the most unusual things in the world: A Christmas Story without slush.”

These words penned by our beloved scholars and the rest of the article are well worth reading.

To all of our society and their loved ones, I wish a joyful, peaceful and a blessed one. “God bless us every one.”

” “Tis the Season to be Watson . . .”

Here is a delightful limerick by Bruce R Beaman from A Baker Street Christmas; cover illustration by Sidney Paget; Stevens Point, WI; The Yellow Face Press, Christmas 1981; limited to 221 copies.

“A cold wind sends snow down this old gaslit street
While at 221b’s door you may happen to meet
Doctor Watson returning from a medical case,
Or Sherlock himself, from a criminal chase.”

“Chips'” Photo Quiz

To All:

I ran across this picture and thought others would enjoy looking at it. So, can any other Watsonian identify the three actors, their roles and what story?

Have Fun!


P.S. Thanks for all of your good wishes for my recovery. They mean more to me then
you will ever know.

ANSWERS:  The actors are left to right standing Richard Morgan and Peter Cushing. The sitting actor is the wonderful Peter Sellers. This for an episode of the Peter Cushing television series, “The Dancing Men” episode.


Imagine Yourself Here!

To All:

Here is another Phil Cornell drawing. This a train carriage where I pictured myself countless times. Phil’s  attention to detail is just one aspect of why I so enjoy his work.

Take good care of yourselves,

Ron “Chips”

Another Wonderful Illustration

Ron Lies “Chips” sends us this wonderful illustration by Phil Cornell from Australia.  This was signed for Ron by Phil.

Ron is having surgery November 4 and would be happy to have your best wishes. His email is: .  Send him a get well soon wish!