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    Miss Violet Smith, of “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist,” rides on her bicycle to Farnham Station, “in order to get the 12:22 to town.”

    … this question makes me realize I’m still in the market for a new bicycle! 🙂

    1. Buttons

      Welcome Charlie!

      Excellent… and that was a tough question! Nice to have you as a new member and a new Quizzer… or Quizee, as it were.

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        Thank you! I’m excited to be on board. I’m a librarian by trade, so finding answers to Sherlockian “reference questions” is about as fun as it gets. 😀

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    “It was in the forenoon, between eleven and twelve.” So said Stanley Hopkins in GOLD. It maybe an answer to your earlier quiz. Also in VEIL Watson writes, “One forenoon – it was early in 1896 – I received a hurried note from Holmes asking for my attendance.”

    1. Buttons

      Pippin et al… You begin to get at the time descriptors asked about in a previous question. “Forenoon” was the Victorian term for our “late morning.” Are there others you find in the Canon?

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