6 Replies to “Can You identify Where This House is Located?”

  1. This is the home of Dr. Abrams in Lafayette Heights, San Francisco, CA. USA.

      1. During a lecture tour of the USA in 1923 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife traveled to San Francisco. He visited a Dr. Abrams who lived in this building.

  2. As an further thought, Conan Doyle’s play “Angels of Darkness” (Klinger’s “The Apocrypha of Sherlock Holmes”) has Dr. Watson practicing medicine in San Francisco!

    1. Dear “Cooper”

      Thank you. How do the dates compare? Was the play written after the San Francisco visit to Dr Abrams?

      A friend of mine sent the photo along. He lives just two doors away and was wondering what the connection was.

  3. If Doyle stayed at Dr. Abrams in 1923, then there is no connection to “Angles of Darkness” as that was written circa 1886 (it is not known if the play was written before STUD, during, or immediately after, but c. 1886 is the generally accepted date).

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