A Bit on Tid Bits

I always meant the definition of Tid Bits to be as the Oxford English Dictionary defines it: “a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information”.

So, from time to time I will be adding a small and, to me, particularly interesting item of gossip or information. I hope you find the tid bit interesting too. If not, please let me know. This is my baby, so Selena is not to be blamed, just me in this case for as long as it lasts.

Yours in Sherlockian fun and information, “Chips” aka “Tid Bits”

Tid Bit for Today

Are you looking for a dentist in the Denver metro area? You might give him a try. The tooth with the deerstalker looks a little loopy, maybe from the Novocaine?

2 Replies to “A Bit on Tid Bits”

  1. What a kick, Chips. North of Seattle there is a storage business that is named Sherlock for its super good security, etc. I need to take my camera out there for a pic that can be posted in Ineffable Twaddle, the Sound of the Baskervilles monthly newsletter.
    Thanks for this, Sheila H.

  2. Dear Sheila, Thanks for the responce. Good luck with your picture. Let me know which issue of the Sond your picture will be in.
    ,Ron aka Chips

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