Attenta! Attenta! Warm Up Time for the 2022 Treasure Hunt

The 2022 John H Watson Society Annual Treasure Hunt is fast approaching and Treasure Hunt Master Rich Krisciunas has a little teaser to warm up your hunting skills.

In keeping with JHWS tradition, the annual hunt will begin as midnight of July 31 passes to August 1. This year the posting will be made Pacific Time (PDT). As always, individuals and teams are encouraged to join in the fun. The hunt will run the full month of August, and results will be announced in September.

There is no need to submit your warmup work. Answers will be posted on July 29.

Happy Hunting!


As a preview of the 2022 John H. Watson Society Treasure Hunt, fill in the blanks:

(1 point for each correct answer unless noted.)

                                                IT ALL STARTED WITH OUR GOOD DOCTOR

(Easy details that you probably know from memory.)

  1. Dr. John H. Watson received his medical degree from __________________________
  • Subsequently, he trained to be a surgeon at __________________________________
  • In India, he was attached to the _____________________________________________
  • Upon reaching Candahar he subsequently was attached to ______________________
  • Where he served in the battle of _____________________________________________
  • Before he was injured after being struck by a __________________________________
  • He was saved and carried off the battlefield by _________________________________
  • He was transported home on the troopship ____________________________________
  • Watson’s pension amount was _______________________________________________


(Harder addresses you’ll probably have to look up.)

  1. The address of the woman engaged to a waiter.
  1. Where the coffin was delivered.
  1. Where the constable lived.
  1. The address of the inspector invited to breakfast.
  1. The addresses of three who were suspected. 3 pts

                                    DO YOU HAVE THE TIME?

(If you like this one, you’ll like the Treasure Hunt that starts July 31 at midnight.)

  1. Five who were scheduled to arrive at noon. Who and where? 8 pts