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  1. Our team would like clarification for question 4: is a word missing in the direction “….Choose the first (____) and name it…” ?

      1. I was coming to post a ‘never mind’, as we have it sorted now, but thanks for the answer!

  2. Is the reference in Question #23 correct? I’m drawing a blank on anything related to Ms. Nightwork related to this topic.

  3. Question #45, reversing the last 3 digits of the year in #44 results in a number exceeding the number of pages in “W”? This question is a key to a number of those following.

  4. Treasure Hunters: A group of us from the Sound of the Baskervilles are working on the treasure hunt for the fun of it, with no intention to compete for a prize. We are having fun but have one problem: we do not have the discs or access to them. We have asked several people for help and I am asking here: is anyone with the discs willing to help us with question 23? If so, please contact me off list at thepawkypuzzler@yahoo.com? Thanks, Margie

  5. Question #72 – Should this read ‘three-word name?’
    Question #75 – Should this read ‘fiance of Alice?’
    Question #78 – Backtrack 38 words from what? I tried 38 words from the first appearance of name in answer to #77, but I’m not finding an ‘object.”

    1. #72: No. The alternative is two words
      #75: Good catch. Yes, it is the male noun.
      #78: In 77, you are looking for another use of the name elsewhere in the Canon. At the first appearance of that other use, backtrack 38 words. The question is accurate.

      1. I am somewhat confused about the answers to the questions here about the use of financee and fiance. I think you have said that question #75 AND #76 should be changed from fiancee to fiance in response to the postings here. Or should only #75 be changed? Please clarify.

      2. 08/19/2013 1:26pm

        All uses of “fiancée” should be changed to “fiancé.” The question is about a male who is engaged to Alice.

  6. #77 – Would substituting the word ‘what’ for ‘whom’ be valid?
    #38 – Please clarify the question.

    1. As answered earlier and elsewhere . . .

      First #38: It involves #37 as well. You must identify the stories in #37 as stated, then you must find–in one of those stories–the word “rustic”. With the story identified where “rustic” appears, you must research the scholarship for that story in order to answer #39.

      Question #77: Yes, “what” would be more valid than “whom.”

  7. Our group is at a standstill with Q39. We have spent many, many hours in research with the result of not even a hint of where to go next. We have polled our members, asked on-line Holmes discussion group, and even asked Roger Johnson for some directions. He could get nowhere with the question either. (Which did make us feel somewhat better, oddly enough). Anyway, is there anyone here working on the thing that will give us a hint, or point us in a helpful direction? If so, please contact me off list at thepawkypuzzler@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  8. Query and request for clarification: re Question 45. is it for sure the 4th word in the second to last line? Do you mean the second to the last line when the question says “the last line but one?”

    1. Yes . . . “the last line but one” is the Victorian style of saying “the second to the last line.”

  9. About my question above re Question 45: I meant the question to have two parts–my wording, I think, made it seem like one.
    The first part is: is it for sure that it is the 4th word we are to look for and define?
    Time is running short!!!
    Thanks, daisy

    1. Daisy . . . I am so sorry . . . very good catch! It is the FIFTH word!

      My sincere apologies . . . and after ten proof readings of the question, too!

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