Announcing: Third Annual Treasure Hunt

“Come, Watson, come!…The game is afoot! Not a word! Into your clothes and come!” (Sherlock Holmes, ABBE)

Halloa!  Sherlockians, Holmesians and Watsonians—

You are invited to the Third Annual John H Watson Society Canonical Treasure Hunt

The Third Annual John H Watson Society Canonical Treasure Hunt will begin soon on August 1, 2015.  In keeping with JHWS tradition, the 2015 edition of the Treasure Hunt will be a difficult 100-question quiz designed to challenge your knowledge of Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson, and their greater world. Are you up to the challenge?

In 2014, one individual, and teams from the USA, Italy and France earned honors in the competition. These quiz masters have set a high bar for this year’s competition.

Individuals and teams (two to five members) are invited to compete. The competition is open from August 1 through September 1, 2015. A list of the rules for the competition can be found on the Treasure Hunt Rules page.

While most answers will be no more than two to ten words, the questions will not be simple. The Treasure Hunt will involve encryption, obscure references, geographic and biologic inferences, people, objects, dates, unique terminology, and all manner of canonical knowledge.  A list of recommended resources can be found on the Treasure Hunt Resources page.

The JHWS hopes participants will find the Treasure Hunt to be the definitive — and most enjoyable — canonical quiz. And there are awards! The first participant in each category to submit the most correct answers will receive a unique and distinctive award from the JHWS.

The JHWS asks you to tell other clubs, organizations, and individuals about the Third Annual John H. Watson Society World Canonical Treasure Hunt—a flyer to share about the competition can be found here.

The goal of the Treasure Hunt is to bring together Watsonians, Sherlockians, and Holmesians on a global, collegial basis to further the scholarship and enjoyment of our mutual interest in all things 1895.  Won’t you give it a go?

“We can but try-the motto of the firm.” (Sherlock Holmes, CREE)

12 Replies to “Announcing: Third Annual Treasure Hunt”

  1. I would certainly welcome some competition in the individual category in this year’s Treasure Hunt. Since I have taken to drinking Irish Whiskey before dinner most evenings, I think that there is a great opportunity for someone to take the title from me.
    THE CHALLENGE has been extended. Who will come forward???

  2. Hey Denny: my fear is that you and Sheila will sit down , work for half an hour and be completely finished, saying “well wasn’t that little quiz nice”. I’m hoping you are challenged just enough to be mad at me but still able to forgive…

  3. If memory serves, I made it to question 7 last year… and then got hopelessly stuck. I’m not sure I qualify as “competition”.

  4. I’ll get my trusty fellow members from last year’s team ready… I hope they have time, though. Last year we did most of the work in the last 3 days… Actually found one answer 20 minutes before the deadline. 😀

  5. I’m so glad to hear that your team is coming back! I had planned to write to all of you this weekend to ask if you could. I hope you will enjoy this year’s hunt. I’m not as talented as our Buttons, so it is not as intricate as his amazing constructions, but I think you might have some fun with it. 🙂

  6. Good news! Just heard from ‘Tristan’: the honors winning French team from 2014 is returning. That brings us to four teams committed so far–the honors winners from last year, and our newest team, The Retired BeeKeepers of Sussex. And, of course, our stalwart individual champion, ‘Kirby’. We are off to a great start.

  7. The Beekeepers are in! I’ve heard from at least one other member besides myself who will definitely participate, so that’s a team of 2 to start. I’m putting a mention in our latest newsletter to drum up some more interest.

  8. My Dear Colleagues,
    On behalf of the Sherlock Holmes Society of Scotland, I would be delighted to accept your invitation to participate in the Third Annual Treasure Hunt of your esteemed organization. I would imagine we will enter as a team, although I can think of one member at least – a bit of a Brunton – who may relish the challenge laid down by Denny Dobry. I will make further inquiries.
    Yours in the hope of laying our hands on the ancient crown of the Kings of England,
    The Scotland Yard Jack-in-Office

  9. Do we need to register our team formally? Anyway, we are ready with our team from Uno Studio in Holmes… 3 JHWS members (me, Stefano Guerra “Lucas” and Enrico Solito “Devon”, plus two other USIH members.

  10. Greetings from the Antipodes!
    I shall certainly give it my best shot.
    Herewith, my hat, thrown into the ring!

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