Announcement of Appointment of New Director

Dear Fellow Watsonians:

he John H Watson Society is pleased to announce the recognition and appointment of Robert Katz, MD, BSI, JHWS “Willow” as Director and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Society. The Society Chair, Professor Don Yates, BSI, JHWS “Pal” has moved and approved this well-deserved appointment and recommends Dr Katz for his exceptional encouragement of Societal activities and his active and productive representation and member recruitment to the Society from organizations and scion groups within the Sherlockian and Watsonian communities. Dr Katz’s brief will be to continue to represent the Society as our official Ambassador and to encourage membership and inter-organizational relations among the numerous clubs and organizations in his sphere.

As you may know, Bob Katz has been unstinting of his time, energy, guidance, wisdom and encouragement in all of our activities and our relations with other clubs, societies and scions during his time as a Founding Member. He has furthered our scholarship, not only through his papers for The Watsonian, but through his innovations and support of the Weekly Quizzes and the Weekly Forums. He, additionally, assists with proofreading and editorial suggestions for the journal. And, he is a tireless recruiter and mentor of new members.

Dr Katz is not only among the foremost Baker Street Irregulars, but he is also an accomplished Sherlockian scholar and leader of a number of respected Sherlockian organizations.

We look forward to his continued contributions to The John H Watson Society and to his influence in forwarding our Society’s goals and aims in the years to come.

Please join in welcoming Robert Katz, MD, BSI, JHWS “Willow” as a Director and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the John H Watson Society.

With best regards on behalf of the Directors and Members,

The John H Watson Society

Don Libey

4 Replies to “Announcement of Appointment of New Director”

  1. Congratulations to JHWS “Willow” on his appointment! It’s an honor for him to be our representative.

  2. Thanks to Carla, and others who have emailed me. It is an honor for which I am both grateful and humbled. More importantly, it is a responsibility which I take quite seriously. I look forward to working with all JHWS members in continuing the good work already underway.

  3. Bravo! Great decision. The JHWS is such a great thing, and this appointment will only make it better. Thank you, Willow, for all your work. However, it must be said: it is a darn good thing you don’t need to put that title on a business card! ‘Gwen’

    1. Thanks to Gwen for her kind words. What a good point about the business card. I certainly did not expect nor require the lofty title. If I needed to display this, I think a sandwich board rather than a business card would be needed!!! Please continue your own much-apprciated contributions to this group and encourage others to vigorously participate as well.

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