And now a break from our regular programming

Ok, Watsonians:

The silent response to my third Treasure Hunt warm-up question is deafening.  Therefore, let me ask you a silly question:

What is the silliest/funniest thing you have done because of your Holmes/Watson obsession?

I ask you this question because this week I found myself hanging a lovely artist’s rendering of The Musgrave Ritual on the wall in my bathroom because I didn’t have any other wall space and I simply couldn’t give it up.  Musgrave Ritual.  In the bathroom. A bit silly.

So: ‘fess up! What have you done?

I look forward to your answers to this question.



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  1. I couldn’t resist getting a plaque made with 221b Baker Street on it and hanging it outside my front door. Well, I have seen several puzzled package deliverers wondering if they have come to the wrong house. So–to move it? The fence perhaps–that would be just as confusing; near the back door? How about as a car mirror hanging (probably would get an obstruction of view citation). Any ideas, fellow Watsonians? Daisy

  2. I have to confess that I have not answered your third treasure hunt warm up question because I can not figure out an answer that even I would believe, Chips
    P S silly story later

  3. Chips: thanks for thinking about an answer to the warm up question. Think about the very most dangerous criminals as Holmes named. One of them has a very unexpected charity activity. That activity will give you a specific type person he helped. Then find two of those types.

    And I very much look forward to your silly story. ????

    1. How about purchasing a pair of Junior size boxer trunks in a bright Red color with a blue border lines down both sides? It also has an emblem of Mickey Mouse in a very bright color . Mickey is wearing a Sherlock Holmes outfit. The silly part is trying it on. It fit so I wore them to show my wife. Based on her semi hysterical reaction, I then wore it to work, not showing any one. When my wife found out She very loudly informed me that what would people have thought if I had been in an accident and went to an emergency room for treatment and they changed me into a hospital gown? I responded, Wow, They wouldn’t try to cut them off would they? She shook her head and walked away muttering something under her breath. Chips

      1. Margie, You are far as the marriage conversation is concerned, you are right. I look at it as one the best rare privileges in the world of being married to the most beautiful woman in the world who may not understand my interests the same way I do but will take it all in stride as a part of 45 years of marriage. may it be at least 45 more

  4. I did have badge ribbons made for 221B Con and the American Library Association conference that said “Friend of Lomax”. A reference that most folks who are not members of the SubLibrarians Scion are unlikely to get. But it is a good way to introduce the subject. 🙂

    1. Selena and Margie, I apologize for inserting myself in your conversation but When you mentioned the Sub Librarians Scion that brought to mind John Bennett who I had the pleasure of knowing.John was proud of having help setting up the Sub Librarian Scion. I was a Honorable member of John’s scion The Brothers Three of Moriarty. I was very privileged to invited in to see and check out his collection in Santa Fe before the collection went under plastic at the University.It was one of the special privileges of my life. To visit with John, being invited to his home,spend time with him in conversation about Sherlock and to be called by John Friend. He would have wanted one of your ribbons for his collection. You may have already sent one to there. If you would have a spare one I would be honored to have it in my collection as an example of John’s work in your Scion. I would be willing to purchase one and pay freight to get it. I know both John and I would know who Lomax is , an inhabitant of the world of Dr. Seuss.Thanks for considering my request if it is not possible, that’s okay. Thanks for listening, Chips aka Ron in Denver

      1. So interesting! You were fortunate to be part of that group. I always hearing about the different scions, and wonderful people like John Bennett. I wish I could have known him.

      2. “An inhabitant of the world of Dr. Seuss”. Ha ha ha! I’d be happy to send you a ribbon, along with a Watsonian ribbon. 🙂 No purchase required.

  5. Chips: You just made my day–what a vision! I also could envision the husband/wife exchange. Those of us long married recognize that conversation very well. Thanks for the fun.

  6. It would be better if I read my posts before I hit send, as apparently my fingers do not type all the words I’m thinking. Please fill in the blanks as appropriate. *groan*

  7. I’ve begun writing an alternate, speculative really, background story for Watson. Some people might think it is a bit ‘outre’, I can guarantee you it would be entertaining while remaining somewhat faithful to the Canon.

  8. Hey Patricia:

    Your project sounds intriguing. Perhaps you will share it with us when you are finished!


    1. Patrica, I would like to see it too when you are ready to unveil it. If you would like a volunteer to read it and comment, I would be honored to.

  9. Chips: I have answered your question on the Treasure Hunt forum on the quiz page so that other hunters will see it.


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