Alert! Alert! The 2020 John H. Watson Society Treasure Hunt is here!

Here’s your chance to get in on some Watsonian action, regardless of your time and tolerance level. With everything else in our lives at present, your hunt masters are painfully aware that not all of us need the added stress of hardcore trivia hunting. With that in mind, for 2020, we are offering the most stress-free JHWS Treasure Hunt in the history of the Hunt itself! How stress-free? Just open up this link and the document attached to find “The JHWS Stress Free Zone.”

All you need do is complete it, and if e-mailing those answers and your mailing address is a non-stresser, you can know you’re a winner with a special prize coming at the end of the month. Here’s the address to send it to: (the usual address is in limbo at the time of this writing, but that one will work). What sort of prize? The kind that can be mailed as cheaply as possible, but a prize nonetheless! And that makes you a winner.

There are those, of course, who want more than just winning. They want the sort of hardship and strain that pushes one to the limits, and possibly beyond, the sort of effort that might drive a man mad. For the pleasure of those folks, and the word “honours” spelled with a “u,” we are posting a second link, which leads to the Watsonicon of JHW, the collection of tales that his own Literary Agent could not accept from that unknowable place he now dwells. If you find yourself drawn to read those tales, and further still, attempt to record the answers to the questions they pose, you can also submit them by e-mail ( to the aforementioned ) before the Watsonicon of JHW is lost to all those who dared not gaze upon its cryptic text at that prophesied date of August 31, 2020. What happens after that, no one dare say. Answers may be given. Honours may come to many, and others . . . well, we shall see.

Herewith, the links:

5 Replies to “Alert! Alert! The 2020 John H. Watson Society Treasure Hunt is here!”

  1. Actually a more difficult test might give people, stuck at home, something to keep them occupied.

  2. Hey!
    SOBs would like to know where we should post questions/ requests for clarification? As comments to this post or a post on the TH page as in years past, or by email to the podcast email?


  3. Why are all of the questions about Sherlock Holmes books? Next time some variety maybe? Try watching the Jeopardy for some inspiration. They ask questions about all kinds of things.

  4. I am not looking for clues (at the moment) but does anyone feel like they have made any progress on the question about page 279?

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