A Watsonian Salon: The Okay Mouse Detective

Today is Mickey Mouse’s 92nd birthday! Mickey has worn a deerstalker on several occasions and is even known in Europe as a detective! But the most important thing to think about on this day is who would be Mickey’s Watson and why? Discuss.

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6 Replies to “A Watsonian Salon: The Okay Mouse Detective”

  1. That would be Goofy. Donald is totally the Scotland Yard man, quick-tempered and sure to arrest anyone.

    1. I think you’ve got it exactly backward. Goofy is the bumbling if well-intentioned Scotland Yard detective, and Donald is the right-hand man, always at the ready to put up a fight.

      1. I agree more with Brad. Goofy, like Watson, is loyal, self-deprecating but giving an important, albeit often silent, contribution. And, most important, he is a true friend, Mickey’s best friend. Donald, altough we love him, is not.

    1. I thought about Pluto, but I think Pluto might be Mickey’s Wiggins, able to go everywhere and hear everything.

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