A Special Message

A special message from Megan, the daughter of Donald “Buttons” Libey, to everyone:

I just wanted to thank all who have written good words about my daddy, the comments are treasured to me. I express my gratitude to all, and I’m fine with him living in all of your hearts. Andrea will have great memories, and those will be treasured.
Thank you and best regards,

Megan Libey

2 Replies to “A Special Message”

  1. Megan, I never had the pleasure of meeting your father in person, but my correspondence with him through the Watsonian Society convinced me that he was a fine gentleman and a true Sherlockian.

    With kind regards,

    Jim McArthur ‘Max’

  2. Hi Megan: I, too, did not have the pleasure of meeting your father in person. However, we had so many wonderful conversations about Holmes, and then later, about poetry, wine, and quiz-making. He always left me thinking, and, usually laughing thanks to his great wit. I feel so blessed to have shared some time with him. I still think of him often and I will never forget our friendship. I wish you and our ‘Asta’ the very best, always. Margie

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