A Puzzling Quiz

A quiz from “Chips”, inspired by this picture:

The picture above is a small segment of a jigsaw puzzle. What is the name of the puzzle, and where could one find it?

In the picture, there are 4 items. A rather well-known Canonical quote involves some of the items pictured above.

What is the quote, who says it to whom, and in which case?

And why are there four when there are not that many mentioned in the quotation in question?

Please feel free to respond or not. But those who choose not to respond may be dogged for the rest of their lives by the Hound of the Baskervilles.

…Is that a dog I see over your shoulder?


5 Replies to “A Puzzling Quiz”

  1. “It is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won’t speak to me for fifty minutes,” says Holmes to Watson in “The Red-Headed League”. In “The Man With the Twisted Lip” the opium-befuddled Isa Whitney denies that he has been three days in the Bar of Gold, telling Watson, “I have only been here a few hours, three pipes, four pipes — I forget how many.” That may account for the additional pipe in the picture!

    The Compliments of the Season to all,

    Roger & Jean
    (“Count” and “Countess”)

  2. You are right Count Roger and Countess Jean. Not only do you have the quote right but have a great reason for the fourth pipe to be there too. Happy Christmas to you and your family. I will send a picture of the puzzle to Selena to post along with the information as to where to order the puzzle from. I cannot add a picture in here. Thanks, Chips/Ron. PS. I have not seen Reggie’s answer but I will bet it is right to.

  3. Er, no, I hadn’t sent my answer yet. Of course the “three pipe problem” was a very easy quotation to find, but I must confess I was still puzzling about the fourth pipe. Brilliant guess by our Count and Countess! That’s Annual Treasure Hunt material!
    There’s still the matter of the jigsaw puzzle to ferret out…

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