A Portrait of Basil

Sometimes, being on the Internet leads to the odd serendipitous occurrence. Chips came across this beautiful sketch of Basil of Baker Street, but we had no way of identifying the artist. [And I tried every search I could think of! -Selena Buttons] Then, the very same sketch appeared on our Twitter timeline, posted by BakerStreetCrow (JHWS “Corvus”), with a link to the artist’s Tumblr post! And so we are happy to share this lovely art and to be able to attribute it to K.M. Hardy (scarvenartist)! (We’d also love to see a Dawson to accompany this Basil, because we love David Q Dawson.)

Basil of Baker Street, as drawn by K.M. Hardy (scarvenartist)

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  1. I have three Basil of Baker Street books, paperbacks published in 1970 including the first one, originally published in 1958. I must say that I like KM Hardy’s illustration of Basil more than Paul Galdone, the original artist. I hope she does more and, yes, includes Dr. Dawson.
    Happy New Year, Chips and Selena,

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