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  1. “We have not yet met our Waterloo, Watson, but this is our Marengo, for it begins in defeat and ends in victory.”(ABBE) Probably refers to the Battle of Marengo, fought on 14 June 1800 between French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte and Austrian forces near the city of Alessandria, in Piedmont, Italy.

    1. Also refers to a famous dish, Chicken Marengo, supposedly created for Napoleon after the battle by his chef, incorporating whatever foods were available on the spot. It consists of chicken sauteed with garlic and tomatoes and garnished with fried egg and crayfish. Apparently tomatoes were not likely to have been available and the dish was probably created much later in Napoleon’s honor.

  2. Ruby and Roxie . . .

    You’re good! Thanks! Perhaps I can convince “Asta” to prepare the dish… sounds great!

  3. Perhaps. The palate has to contend with chicken (white wine fine), then tomatoes, garlic, crayfish, and fried egg. The tomato and garlic might be a killer here. I’m not fond of a rose wine, but I might just treat this “made on the battlefield” dish like a picnic and go with a well-chilled, not too sweet rose. (Please add your own accent marks)

    1. Excellent pairing!

      Among the members of the Society are a large number of known oenophiles… even a wine maker or two or three… other thoughts?

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