A Note on Chronology

Dear Fellow Watsonians,

I have read the comments about the posting of May 5th, and to answer where I gathered my information from, here is the information.

I used the book, A DAY-BY-DAY CHRONOLOGY OF MR SHERLOCK HOLMES, according to Zeisler and Christ, compiled and edited by William S Dorn, BSI (“The Newgate Calendar”), and a member of Dr Watson’s Neglected Patients, the local Scion Society in Denver, Colorado, to which Bill and I have belonged for many years. I do not own a copy of either Zeisler’s or Christ’s Chronologies. I am a poor but devoted Watsonian and look forward to any information that any one would care to share about this or any of the other postings in Tid Bits.

Thank you, Ron aka “Chips”

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