A Note From Chips

I know I promised a song about the female villain in “The Three Gables”. I have to change that. I have not had a great few months health wise, now being confined to a wheelchair and taking pills that help make a fortune for the drug companies. So I turned to my Sherlockian world of 1895. I have not been disappointed. I had a surprise arrive for me in the post today. I wish I had a picture of Selena, aka Beth, who has to have one of the most beautiful hearts and souls in our group.

Readers to my column know how much I am interested in dating what happened and when in the canon. Never mind the little problem of reality. I had been lucky enough to accumulate some of the volumes from those Sherlockian scholars who have gone down this road before. Selena acquired a copy of one of those valuable fascinating volumes and send it to me as a present. The book is The Date being–?: A Compendium of Chronological Data (Expanded and Revised) by Andrew Jay Peck and Leslie S Klinger. This book is the guide to find out which of the great researchers have dated which story. It is simply The Volume to go to. Not only did Beth get a copy which is a Herculean task. She then had it autographed by Les Klinger, the truly best researcher Sherlockian living today. She also autographed the book to me too.

I will never be able to touch on thanking in any way Beth for what she has done for me. How she has given me a renewal of faith in people who go above and beyond to be so kind and caring to one she never met. Beth in our many communications in the past has helped me so much more than she can ever know. And now she has renewed my desire to live in the world of 1895. I love you, Beth.

[You are entirely too kind, Ron. –Beth, “Selena Buttons”]

[PS from Selena: Les Klinger has a few copies of the book that can be purchased from him directly, if anyone else would like to have one of their very own. 🙂 ]

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  1. What a thoughtful thing to do. Thank you for sharing. The kindness and camaradarie of Sherlockians never ceases to amaze me.

  2. What a lovely and heart-warming tribute, Chips. It made my day here in Seattle (have been sick for 3+weeks). I must tell you that you have added so much to my Sherlockian world over the years that you have been dedicated to the JHWS. I am very thankful for all your efforts in time, research, and wisdom. I am very aware of debilitating health problems; you are on my “send good thoughts and encouragement” list. Sheila H./Daisy.

  3. Isn’t it amazing, the affect that Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and the Sherlockian community have on us? Join, and the joiner becomes instantly a better, kinder, smarter, more generous, and more trustworthy person.

    The only real quarrel is whether the giver or the receiver ends up with more happiness.

    I’d call it magic, but then I remember that Holmes said “No ghosts need apply!”


  4. This is such a sweet and lovely post, for a sweet and lovely act by and for sweet and lovely people. The generosity and kindness in this group never fails to inspire.

  5. What a great post!

    Many thanks to Chips and Selena for being the wonderful people they are, and for sharing themselves with us.

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