A Legend

“Chips” sends in this tidbit that originally appeared in the Baker Street Journal vol. 16 no. 2 (June 1966) by Chris Redmond (JHWS “Buster”).


by Chris Redmond

“The Naval Treaty” illustration by Sidney Paget for The Strand Magazine, October & November 1893.

Observe the famous profile. See the pipe—

Traditionally curved, though really straight—

On which he puffs, as men of every type

Narrate their strange experience or fate.

That famous phrase of “Elementary,

My dear Watson,” was one he never spoke;

But he is known for it in every

Discussion of him, each pastiche, each joke.

Popularly, he crawled across the rug,

In deerstalker and cape, viewing with care

Through magnifying glass each thread or bug,

Each ash or bit of mud, which he found there.

It’s fiction, or else legend—but forsooth~

Since we believe it, isn’t it the truth?

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  1. Selena and Buster. Thank you for selecting the picture To go with this devotion to our Sherlock by Our Buster. I was not aware he is a fellow member. He is such a great talent. I so enjoy his Hand books and his other works. The quote Traditionally curved, though really straight— and Selena’s Illustration match each other so well. I am glad That Selena is my partner in my postings. Thank you both Selena and Buster for giving us this, Chips

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