A January Pitch Meeting for the JHWS!

January may start with Sherlock Holmes’s Birthday and all the attention on the birthday boy, but at the end of the month, it’s time to pay attention to our old friend Dr. Watson once more! On Sunday, January 28th, at noon CST (or whatever that works out to in your home zone), the John H. Watson Society will again gather for our typical discussion and fun — but with a current news twist!

You’ve surely heard — and if you haven’t, listen to this week’s Watsonian Weekly on that — there’s going to be a new television show with Watson as it’s main character coming soon. We’ve seen Watson featured over Holmes on TV before, as in Netflix’s The Irregulars, but as any good Watsonian knows, there’s more to Watson than just two TV shows can show.

So our January meeting is going to be a pitch meeting! Come with your thirty-second elevator pitch for a TV show that features John H. Watson as it’s lead, and our panel of fake TV executives will be awarding the one we like best a special Watson prize package. (Books! You know it will be books! Watson books, enough to fill a Priority Mail box, if the winner is in the US. There will be an alternate prize if one of our friends across the ocean comes up with the best pitch.) Any time period, any setting, any casting, just a somewhat recognizable version of John H. Watson in a premise that would make a good TV series! (No straight Canon adaptations allowed. We’re not going to force the judges to vote against Canon.)

Here’s the registration link for our January fun, so get that pitch together and come join the fun: