A (Belated but Joyous) International Friendship Day

(I was absent yesterday and thus failed to share this lovely sentiment from our dear friend “Bobbie.” I apologize that this is a day late. However I feel it is better late than never at all, so now I am honored to present this message from him to all of you. – Carla Buttons)

Dear Friends and Fellow Watsonians,
Today is International Friendship Day
And so, to our dear Dr Watson and Mr Holmes, the very epitome of friendship.
Let us raise a toast to them.

“May I offer you a glass of Chianti, Miss Morstan? Or of Tokay? I keep no other wines.”
– Sherlock Holmes asks Mary Morstan in The Sign of Four

Kumar Bhatia
John H Watson Society “Bobbie”
Sherlock Holmes Society of India
Sherlock Holmes Society of London
Sherlock Holmes Fan Club of Hungary

3 Replies to “A (Belated but Joyous) International Friendship Day”

  1. Hi “Bobbie”: Thank you for the lovely sentiment! I certainly appreciate all the friendship being a Sherlockian has brought to me. Best, Margie/”Gwen”

  2. In 1971 Julian Wolff wrote: “It is well known that the purpose (and delight) of the Baker Street Irregulars is to pursue the study of that great body of Sherlockian literature. Now I hope I shall not be impeached for heresy when I say that an equally great and delightful purpose is the forging of true friendships.”
    Long may that continue!
    (It was actually Thaddeus Sholto who offered that limited choice of wines to Mary Morstan, by the way.)

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