4th Annual Treasure Hunt Results

“…I can congratulate ourselves upon several most happy results…”

The month of August is, as always, Treasure Hunt month for the John H Watson Society. Knowing the many hours required to finish the Treasure Hunt, we are always gratified to see the number of entries submitted. After many hours of scoring yesterday with the help of Sheila Holtgrieve (JHWS ‘Daisy’), I am happy to announce the results of the 4th Annual John H Watson Society Treasure Hunt.

Team Competition

With 144 available points this year, our returning 2015 High Honors team from Italy, Uno Studio In Holmes, has earned High Honors again this year with an incredible 142 points. Team members include Michele Lopez, Enrico Solito, Stefano Guerra, Vera Mazzotta, and Gabriele Mazzoni. Congratulations again to this amazing team.

Team Honors this year is shared between returning competitors The Retired Beekeepers of Sussex with 135 points and the newly formed team An Experience of Canon Which Extends Over Four Players and Three Separate States with 134 points. The UK-based Beekeepers are represented by Elinor Gray, Rowan MacBean, Tweedisgood, Spacefall, and Cheryl LeBlanc-Weldon of the Halifax Spence Munros in Nova Scotia. An Experience of Canon Which Extends Over Four Players and Three Separate States team members are Rob Nunn and Brad Keefauver (Two Guys Down In Illinois team from last year), Beth Gallego (California), and Ron Lies (Colorado). Giving this team an extra award for the-longest-possible-team-name was briefly considered.

Two teams earn the O.V.E (Order of Valiant Effort) award this year: First time competitor, The White Rose Irregulars of York, Pennsylvania, with 126 points, and the returning team from Canada, The Bootmakers Of Toronto, with 122 points. Beth Austin, Debbie Clark, Denny Dobry, Tom Drucker, and Flo Specter represent the Irregulars, while Peter Calamai, Chris Redmond, Cliff Goldfarb, Doug Wrigglesworth and John Gehan represent the Bootmakers.

Honorable Mention this year to two teams that began the hunt but due to unfortunate circumstances could not complete it: The Sherlock Holmes Society of India and The Sound of the Baskervilles of Seattle. We hope the fates are kinder next year and these teams can return to hunt again. 2016 marks the first time La Fayette of La Societe Sherlock Holmes de France could not participate due to schedule conflicts; we sincerely hope kind fates extend to that excellent team next year too.

Individual Competition

High Honors in the very difficult Individual category goes to first time US competitor Michael Ellis with 128 points. Mark Doyle of Australia, another first time competitor, has earned Honors in the Individual category with 105 points. Honorable Mention to Anne Nelson of Washington, DC, who also began the hunt but could not complete it due to unforeseen complications; we warmly invite her back next year to give it another try.

Thank you all for competing this year.  A post will be made on the Quiz page soon with the answers to the hunt. We will be contacting all the participants concerning addresses for the delivery of the small mementos. I have enjoyed serving as Treasure Hunt Master for 2015 and 2016. I appreciate your participation, patience and good humor. You have taught me many good things.












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  1. Do we get back of our graded submitted answers to see where we were were not on the mark/ Thanks for all your hard work, Chips

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