48 Hours and those unfinished Treasure Hunts

Things have taken a turn which I could not have anticipated. In some ways they have within the last forty-eight hours become much clearer and in some ways they have become more complicated. But I will tell you all and you shall judge for yourself.

Hello Treasure Hunters–

We are now just shy of 48 hours (Hawaii Standard Time) from the end of the 2018 Treasure Hunt.  If you find yourself a few answers short near the deadline, I hope you will submit the work you have.  Many participants do not finish, and that is okay.  We want to acknowledge your effort, finished or unfinished.

If you can not bring yourself to submit an incomplete document, please do send me a brief email telling me about your experience.  It is always helpful and encouraging to hear from anyone who gave it a try.

Results will be posted as quickly as possible.  Like our good doctor wrote to Holmes concerning the  mission at Baskerville Hall: ‘I will tell you all.’

Margie/ JHWS ‘Mopsy’




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