3rd Annual Treasure Hunt Warm Up Question

Hello!  It is now only 17 days until the 3rd Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt posts.  I thought a warm up question might be in order:  In the course of their adventures together, when and where did Holmes introduce the good Dr Watson by the doctor’s full first and last name?

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  1. Is this a one time occurrence, and if not, are you looking for the first time chronologically or by publication date?

  2. I think the answer is “never”! He calls him “Dr Watson” on every occasion I can find.

  3. Hi Kirby: Very good questions–that I will not answer. 🙂

    If the question does not specify a number, or a specific dating order (i.e: “name the two occurences, in publication order, when Holmes introduced..”) then the non-specification is a clue. In this 3rd edition of the Treasure Hunt, each question is carefully worded to give you clues. You were immediately asking the right questions to reach the answer. Bravo!

    Hi Misty: Very good! However if this answer was on your treasure hunt this year, you would only score 1 point out of 2 possible points, as the question asks “when and where”. Your answer only addressed the “when”. The desired answer would be “never” and “nowhere”.

    Pawky? Well, yes. 😉

    But our Buttons did set a high bar for question writing that I can only hope to get close to.

    1. haw haw haw very clever! i concede the point and will make sure to answer all sections of all questions, however watsonian in their style.

  4. Thank you Kirby and Misty for playing along today with this question. I found it fascinating that our Doctor is not called by his full name by anyone in the canon. John Watson only appears three times: twice as headings in STUD, and once when he refers to the name plate on his box. [That sad situation with the wife calling him by the wrong name is a whole ‘nother discussion, yes?]

  5. Holmes never introducing Watson by his full name occurred to me first off, but when you posted that Misty would only get half credit for not answering where, I thought OK, there must be an occasion.

    ‘Never and Nowhere’ – Very good! Looking forward to THE Hunt!


  6. Thanks for the warm up question.I am looking foreword to the hunt to come with both anticipation and frustration to come.

  7. Hi All: Glad you had some fun with this question. My whole goal this year is to make this treasure hunt as much fun as possible, with a spoonful of pawkiness thrown in for good measure. I like to think Buttons would approve. 🙂

  8. “You are developing a certain unexpected vein of pawky humour, Watson, against which I must learn to guard myself.”

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