3rd Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt Final Warm Up Question

Hello Watsonians!  This time next week, the 3rd Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt will be posted and hopefully our hunters will be busy seeking answers.  We’ve had two previous warm up questions:  an easier question with just a bit of pawky-ness, and  a harder question requiring some associative thinking and rereading of several stories. The final warm up question is a medium-level straight forward one.  On we go:

Two men died in July: one in 1944, and the other in 1967. Their visionary work greatly influenced the world’s perception of Sherlock Holmes in their respective generations—in deed, their influence continues to resonate today. Who and who?

4 Replies to “3rd Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt Final Warm Up Question”

  1. There you go Selena: perfect! We had two right answers today as Kirby sent me the answers via email earlier. Thanks for working on it.

    As I suspected: you can totally do the treasure hunt! 🙂

  2. Hi Roger “Count”: So glad you checked in to play along. Sheila “Daisy” sent along the correct answer to me via email as well. It is great to see the interest from our group members. Hopefully everyone who participated with the warm-up questions will have some fun with the Treasure Hunt. Only 4 days to go! 🙂

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