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Hello 2018 Treasure Hunters!

This post is now open for clarifications/questions/discussion concerning the 6th Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt. This forum will remain open through August 31. Please feel free to discuss anything related to the hunt with the exception of posting specific answers to any of the questions. Any questions posted here for the Treasure Hunt Master will be answered as quickly as possible.

Happy Hunting!


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  1. I have a question! Q6 says “the first letter of his name matches the first letter of one of the first names used by [the husband in number 5].”

    Could it possibly be the first letter of the last names that matches?

    1. Hi —

      I am unable to match any first letters with the last names of the answer to number 5 and the answer to number 6. The matching first letter is in first names.


  2. And I have a request for clarification: in Q26, ” While involved in a [murder case like number 25],” – I’m not sure what “like number 25” is referring to. The weapon? The motive? Something else?

  3. Hi—
    Your question is certainly valid— the link is a bit thin in workable material. New version:

    26. While involved in a [murder case sharing similar features to #25 such as a body of water containing sunk items and the first name of the man] find the trustworthy capable man … etc.

  4. Hello–

    No, not the same– for sure there is a 1st and 2nd gentleman.

    Glad you’re playing! 🙂

  5. Cameron has asked:

    One of my questions is whether the two-word wound [Q.24] is exactly described in the text, or whether I’m paraphrasing the wound in my own words.

    Answer: The two-word description is directly from the text, and the description makes a difference in the story where it is found. This is not a random lift of words.

  6. ‘Lobo’ writes:

    Your answer to “Buck” on 20 August 2018 appears to be specific to questions 21 & 22.
    But, do you mean that more generally answers cannot be repeated? If I cannot have the same answer to two different non-sequential questions, I will probably have additional concerns.

    Answer: Yes, that answer referred to those two specific questions. Other questions may have a similar or same answer , like a name, at other points.


  7. Hi Barkley—

    If you find the debtor from number 36, it will lead you to a name for the dog in number 37. The name of the debtor and the name of the dog may or may not be the same name.

    Thanks for playing!


  8. Margie,
    We seem to be stuck on #33. A teammate asks “Does the adjective appear explicitly in the text or are we to generally characterize the rant?” But I’m personally more concerned about second part of the question, the lying portion, and how it relates to the adjective. There’s a lot of lying in the canon, so determining who lied about an adjective is tough.

  9. Hi Cameron–

    To answer your teammate’s question:
    The adjective is very specific, directly from the text. As the question notes, Holmes is on a rant, using the adjective multiple times. This question also directly tells you when the rant takes place–just prior to the events of Q.32. Therefore, hopefully, you can link your answer to Q.32 to the events in Q. 33.

    To answer your question:
    Again, this is very specific. If you have the correct adjective, you will find it again in relation to a case where, as noted in the question, Holmes knows the lie changes everything. Big lie. 🙂

    In fact, as you read Q. 34, you see the lie indicator from Q. 33 is so important, it is an uncommon enough thing, that it, by itself, can be used to take you to another very particular place with Holmes.

    Hang in there– you might be in the weeds a bit, but you are 3/4ths done!


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