2016 Treasure Hunt Forum/ Open on Quiz Page

Hello 2016 Treasure Hunters!

This post is now open for clarifications/questions/discussion concerning the 4th Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt.  I am opening the forum today, as our Treasure Hunt will post tomorrow evening (PDT) when it will be July 31 yet in some parts of the world but August 1 in other areas.  As we are now such a global group, we have many time zones to consider.

This forum will remain open through September 1. Please feel free to discuss anything related to the hunt with the exception of posting specific answers to any of the questions.  Any questions posted here for the Treasure Hunt Master will be answered as quickly as possible.

Happy Hunting!


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  1. Clarification to Question 85:
    Thanks to the always funny Brad Keefauver writing at Sherlock Peoria about the Treasure Hunt, I have realized that Question 85 is not worded as well as it should be. I was looking for the unexpected trait the three men had in common, but the question certainly does not say that. Too late now! Therefore, any answer on #85 that is accurate as to common physical traits humans share will be credited with a point. In other words: you’ve got this one. “We can but try.”

  2. Dear Treasure Hunt Master, I have a question about Question 8.
    8. The friend believed the septuagenarian’s illness could result in a ready stick. Name the friend, the septuagenarian and the illness.
    Is septuagenarian the word that should be there? I can find sexagenarians but not septuagenarians. Do I just need to look harder? Thanks, Chips who is enjoying being so frustrated until I find a good answer then I am happy and then back to the hunt. Thanks.

  3. Hi Chips: So glad you are having some frustrating fun!

    I have double-checked the definition of septuagenarian and yes, it is the correct term for this question. If it is any consolation, Treasure Hunt counselor Sheila rated this question ‘HARD’. 🙂


    1. Thanks Margie. I have another question.
      72. Watson quotes Holmes as saying he did not welcome visitors and yet, eventually, at least one visitor was welcome on a regular basis.
      I have an answer that is a tale that Holmes wrote up. To me, Watson quotes Holmes means Watson wrote up the case after Holmes told him about it and that would make my answer wrong? Chips

  4. Hi Chips:

    There’s only so much I can without giving something away. So, hopefully this helps:

    Please remember that question 72 is asking for a ‘Who’ only; who is the visitor that is welcome on a regular basis? At some point in the canon, Watson tells the reader that Holmes said he does not welcome visitors. Yet, at some point in the canon, Watson clearly states that at least one visitor was welcome on a regular basis. The points are not necessarily the same nor is it necessary to identify them in your answer. All you need is the name of the welcome visitor.

    Good luck!


    1. Margie, I admire you even more for doing this job. You have to have the wisdom of Solomon.Just curios through, how did this question get ranked?
      Thanks for so much frustrating fun, Chips

  5. Thank you for your kind words. I am very grateful to get to play this game. It is a lot of fun. Sheila rated #72 as a ‘Medium’. I tried to vary the questions into an almost even split between easy, medium and hard; there is one or two that led Sheila to say “I wonder if anyone at all will get this!”.

    1. Margie, I know I can speak for the team that graciously let me be on them and that you found for me. What I want to say is We are having Great, Great
      fun and gathering knowledge at the same time. Thank You , more then I can say in words, Chips

      1. Margie, While researching the Treasure Hunt questions I found some lines from The Hound of the Baskervilles I would like to share with you on my work. “we are coming now rather, into the region of guesswork”” said Dr Mortimer”answered Holmes”Say, Rather into the region where we balance probabilities and choose the most likely—-”

  6. Hi Chips: I’m so glad your team is working out. And I enjoyed reading your words about the Treasure Hunt. I’m sure it is as Buttons intended when he created it. I like to think he would be very happy with the Treasure Hunt.

    Your quote is perfect!

    Happy balancing and choosing,


    1. Margie, Thank you for your kind words. I only knew Buttons for a few months. He had a great influence on my life.He gave me the nerve to express myself through my love of limericks and What our dynamic duo did each day. He brought me in to our society and gave me advice and wisdom and the encouragement to start TID BITS Column. He gave me a friendship that I will always treasure and a great sadness that I had not got to visit with him more. I am one of the little people that he made me brave enough to fight back on my health and join with him to do my bit in recognizing Dr Watson and giving John Watson a little of what the Dr deserves. I have missed him so much every day, do miss him daily, and always will in the future. He gave me the best treasure all, He called me friend. Chips

  7. Question #64

    Can the common location sought be a Country or are you looking for a smaller unit (city, town etc)?

  8. Hi Denny:

    Without giving too much away, I can say:

    A country would not be the answer sought here. A specific area name — perhaps neighborhood might be a good choice of word—is used in relation to these three people at a point or points in the Canon.


  9. #34
    ‘the significance of the prominence.’ is redundant. Do you mean provenance?

  10. Hi Denny:

    No, the word intended is prominence. Be sure to review extended definitions of the word, beyond the most common everyday usage.


  11. Treasure Hunters:

    Chips has asked if the wording to question #9 is correct as written.

    Yes, the question is correct as written.

    [Chips: Sheila rated #9 as a ‘Medium’ level of difficulty.]

    Happy Hunting,

    1. How about #12. Is the wording correct on this one also from one who is about to take a sip from his hip flask?

  12. Ah Chips! Hip flasks are recommended as you are 1/2 way through the month of August.

    #12 is one of those that Sheila said: “Are you kidding me?!? Will anyone get this?”. This question is one of my favorites on this year’s edition of the hunt–#29 is the other. 🙂

    The wording is correct. I will take this opportunity to remind you most every question is written with at least one key word (or a synonym of it) searchable. Please be sure to take advantage of the searchable canon as listed in the recommended resources.

    Good luck!


  13. Treasure Hunters:

    I accidentally said something on Twitter that may have given part of an answer to one of the questions. I meant to say part of the question, and instead I said part of the answer. In all fairness, I’m posting what I said here too:

    I had a photo of some mushrooms, and I should have said “angry” as per Dr Watson but I actually said “livid” as per Dr Watson.

  14. Treasure Hunters:

    Selena has brought to my attention that perhaps question #9 is somewhat awkwardly worded. Perhaps this sentence construction is more helpful:

    9. Why, according to Holmes, did he not require a place on the list?


  15. Treasure Hunters:

    I have had a request for clarification/definition of the term ‘cases’ in Question #60. After some thought, I have decided that the term ‘cases’ is too vague for the answer sought. Please change ‘cases’ to ‘Holmes’s investigations’.


  16. Hi Margie, we are (or rather, my teammates are) working on the quiz and we’re having a very good time. Many witty and challenging questions.
    I have a question about #38: is it correct “counterfeiters'” or should it be “counterfeiter’s”?
    Thanks. 🙂

  17. Hi Michele: Good to hear from you! Glad you are having fun with the hunt.

    To answer your question as best I can:

    In the instance sought, we are not told if the service is for a single counterfeiter or for multiple counterfeiters. I assumed multiple is more likely and thus worded the question as I did.


  18. Treasure Hunters:

    I have been asked for a definition of ‘event’ in question 19. The best I can offer in this instance is:

    Event: occurrence beyond the ordinary, and typically given a name or label of sorts



    1. Can we submit two answers for one question and receive full credit if one of the answers is correct? The two answers are so close to each other that our team is ready to shoot poison darts at each other. I am trying to avoid a dart in the ? Chips

  19. Hi Chips: I hate to think the members of The Team That Shall Not Be Named are acting all Tonga-like. ????

    To answer your question, multiple responses to one question element are not acceptable in the Treasure Hunt. In scoring the hunt, each individual answer given is carefully weighed to see that it meets the elements requested in the question. Answers different from those sought by the Treasure Hunt Master are carefully considered if they meet the elements and can be validated in the Canon. Multiple answers to a single question element will not work in this scoring model.

    I’m sure you all can work it out. Good luck,

  20. Hi Chips– Reassessment of your last question concerning multiple answers to the same question.

    I had a chance today to read carefully through the submission I have already received from a team in the eastern USA. On several questions, the team has submitted multiple answers. It does not appear the team members could not choose between the answers, but stated they believed each response met the elements in the question. And in some cases, they were correct. (The canon never ceases to amaze.)

    Therefore, since a submission has already been accepted with multiple answers to a single question, all submissions may include multiple answers to a single question. I respectfully request that this be kept to a minimum, as it makes the scoring process a bit more complicated.


  21. Hi Treasure Hunters:

    A submission today from the astute Mark Doyle from Down Under has brought to my attention an error I made on Q52 concerning the dancing men. The inset diagram of the dancing men in the question was reprinted from my Facsimile copy of the 1930 Single-volume Doubleday edition of the Canon, with the Morley introduction (our JHWS ‘W’). I realized after reading Mr. Doyle’s submission that I should have included the diagram from The Original Illustrated Strand Sherlock Holmes, The Complete Facsimile Edition rather than the one from W. W apparently repeats an old error and the diagram does not represent the actual diagram and matching dialogue from the original publication. While I’m sure most of you worked out the sought answer easily no matter the diagram, I wanted to bring this to your attention. I want to kick myself for this because today I distinctly remember thinking last spring to check the diagram I used against the Strand facsimile and other editions before using it, and apparently, then I completely forgot about it. Credit will be given for what the diagram actually says or for Holmes’s words from the text. Whew…only four days to go! 🙂

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