“One possible loose end lies in the question…”

Hello Watsonians!

Our loose end at the moment is the final warm-up question for the 4th JHWS Treasure Hunt that will begin in just a few weeks on August 1.  As I’ve mentioned before, we are looking at the mixture of imagination and reality for this year’s hunt.  Warm up question one concerned a real date, warm up question two concerned a mixture of Canonical facts, and now we are at warm up question three.  It is time to use your imagination to solve a question.  And here we go:

If one were to imagine all the ages aligning, these two might have benefited from the unexpected charity of the professional criminal. Which two? Which criminal? What charity?

It this question appeared on the actual hunt, it would be worth four points–maybe just enough for you to pass the other competitors in the totals.  This one is good practice and hopefully fun.   I look forward to your answers.



2016 Treasure Hunt Master


Mixing it up for the 4th JHWS Treasure Hunt warm up

Hi Watsonians–

Here we are a mere six weeks until the treasure hunt begins on August 1.  Since the posting of the first warm up question, I’ve heard from The Sherlock Holmes Society of India. The society will have a team in the competition. I’m so glad SHSI is joining in the fun.

As to the first warm up question, we had a few comments about it.  I’m guessing most of you solved it rather quickly; the answer is January 7th (VALL).  If you have your 1930 Doubleday Single Volume with the Christopher Morley introduction (Buttons’ beloved ‘W’), the quote is found on page 773.

As noted before, the theme this year is ”that mixture of imagination and reality which is the basis of my art” (Holmes,THOR).  With the first question, we talked about reality. For the second warm up question, we have a mixture:

Kitty+Porky+Birdy=common 4 letter location–where?

I look forward to your answers,


JHWS ‘Gwen’

2016 Treasure Hunt Master