In Memory of Tom Leahy, JHWS “Travis”

We announce with great sadness the passing Tom Leahy, JHWS “Travis” in September of this year. He was not only one of our own, but he was also an active and popular member of scion societies in the New Jersey area and was noted for his vast and wide-ranging knowledge of all sorts of subjects, including Sherlock Holmes. An excellent artist, he drew full color illustrations of stories from the Canon. As JHWS “Willow” added when he informed us of his passing, “He was also friendly, funny, and enthusiastic… Everyone liked and respected Tom.”

What follows is the obituary of Tom Leahy, as prepared by his brother Pat and sent to us. Our deepest sympathies to Pat and all of Tom’s family for their loss. We wish to stand upon the terrace one last time and reflect on the passing of a good man, a skilled artist, and a fellow Watsonian who will be greatly missed…

Thomas Francis Leahy

January 29, 1952- September 6, 2015

Born: Margaret Hague Hospital, Jersey City, NJ

Oldest son of Thomas & Nora Leahy, Brothers, Patrick, Timothy & Sister, Nora

Tom attended Epiphany School of Cliffside Park & Central Boulevard School of Palisades Park.

Graduated from Bergen Tech High School, Hackensack, NJ and after joined the Navy. Was honorably discharged due to Medical Reasons.

Worked in the United States Postal Service for 34 years and retired in 2006. Tom resided in Teaneck, NJ with his mother, who just recently passed away on March 9, 2015.

Tom had many interest and talents. He was a brilliant guitar player as well as the piano. All self-taught. A masterful artist, avid photographer and an expert on movies and film and a wiz at Jeopardy.

He was a collector of all kinds of memorabilia.

He was buried in his favorite Beatie shirt with a pin on the pillow that said the game is afoot.

Tom belonged to numerous clubs and organizations.

No one took better care of his Mom then he did. Now they are together again. He will be greatly missed.