Kumar Bhatia, JHWS “Bobbie” Sends This Holmes Song

Our member from Dubai, U.A.E, Kumar Bhatia, JHWS “Bobbie” has sent this interesting song and lyric of the original sheet music for “The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes.”  Our great thanks to Kumar for a rare glimpse into a rare collectible.


Don’t start and pray, don’t leave your seats, There’s no cause for alarm :

Though I’ve arrived from warmer spheres, I mean you all no harm.

I am a ghost, a real ghost too, that nightly, earth-wards roams;

In fact I am the sceptre of Detective Sherlock Holmes.

Chorus: Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock, Sherlock you can hear the people cry,

That’s the ghost of Sherlock Holmes  as I go creeping by .

Sinners shake and tremble, wherever this bogie roams,

And people shout  ‘He’s found us out ‘  It’s the ghost of Sherlock Holmes .

Chorus: Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes

The man who plots a murder, when he sees me lift my head,

Forgets to murder anyone and  ‘suicides’ instead.

An anarchist with lighted bomb, to cause explosive scenes,

Sees me and drops his bomb and blows himself to smithereens .

Chorus: Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes

The burglar who’s a-burgling, when he finds I am at large,

Get scared and says  ‘Policeman, will you please take me in charge?’

The Lady who’s shop-lifting tries to put her theivings back

And says,  ‘Mr Sherlock Holmes, I’m a kleptomaniac.’

Chorus: Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes

My life was more than misery, compelled to strut the earth,

And be a spy at beck and call of those who gave me birth.

But now that I’m a specter, all their misdeeds shall recoil,

I’m going to haunt ‘ Strand Magazine’ , ‘Tit-Bits’ and Conan Doyle .

Chorus: Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes

The song was written by one Richard Morton. (I am unable to ascertain the date). The music was composed, and the song sung by H.C. Barry.

The copyright as per the “Cover-Sheet ” is (or was) held by Francis Day and Hunter of Oxford Street, London, and The US copyright, by T.B.Harms and Co. of New York.

We regret that we are unable to upload the front cover photo of the sheet music that Kumar sent.