On May 4th…

May 4, 1847: John Ferrier and Lucy were rescued by the Mormons (STUD)
May 4, 1882: Ad for Mary Morstan’s address appeared in the Times (SIGN)
May 4, 1891: Moriarty died in a plunge over Reichenbach falls (FINA)

On March 5th…

March 5, 1881: The Baker Street Irregulars reported to Holmes. (STUD)
Strangerson was found stabbed to death. (STUD)
An old crone retrieved the gold wedding ring at 221B Baker Street. (STUD)

On August 9th…

August 9, 1860: Lucy Ferrier and Enoch Drebber were married, not in the eyes of decent men and God, whatever you conceive that to be. (STUD)

August 9, 1888: Susan Cushing received a packet containing two severed ears. (CARD)

On May 4th…

May 4th 1847: John Ferrier and his daughter, Lucy, where rescued by the Mormons. (STUD)
May 4th 1882: Ad asking for Mary Morstan’s address appeared in the Times (SIGN)

On March 5, This Happened

March 5, 1881: Stangerson found stabbed to death at Halladay’s Private Hotel.

March 5, 1881: an old “crone” retrieved the woman’s wedding ring advertised as ‘found’ in the ad placed by Holmes. By Hope’s own admission, this person was not Jefferson Hope, so who was she or he? Hope took the secret with him to the hereafter. Any idea’s out there?

Today, March 4 . . .

March 4, 1881: Drebber was poisoned and died. Or was it a justifiable retribution? A woman’s wedding ring was found.

March 4, 1881: “What on earth is this?” I cried, for at this moment there came the pattering of many steps in the hall and on the stairs, accompanied by audible expressions of disgust upon the part of our landlady.

“It’s the Baker Street division of the detective police force,” said my companion gravely; and as he spoke there rushed into the room half a dozen of the dirtiest and most ragged street Arabs that ever I clapped eyes on.”  From A Study in Scarlett.

Limerick of the Week

Here is Ron Lies’ Limerick of the Week:


Now Watson did have a bull pup,
Although it did never show up.
Though where it did go, there is no way to know,
Perhaps they had pup for their sup.

Author: William S Dorn  BSI, DWNP 2005
From his Book The Limericks of Sherlock Holmes and his card set
Produced by Pencil Productions, 2005.

A note from Chips:  As a animal lover I was a little disturbed by this limerick’s last line. It seemed to be a put-down of Mrs. Hudson’s dinners as to just what the meat might be. I brought up these points to Bill. He thanked me and said if I would like to write a better one I was welcome to try. I tried and failed. Maybe someone in our group would like to try?