You Like the Pins!

We sold out the initial inventory of lapel, blouse, or deerstalker pins in the first two days (and we won’t receive our initial inventory from Scotland for another 8 days). We have doubled our order and those will arrive in 10 days, so you will be receiving them in the mail shortly after receipt. It appears we have a hit! You like the pins and we hope you will wear them to Sherlockian and Watsonian events with pride!  Thanks for your kind support.


Society Lapel/Blouse/Deerstalker Pins Available


The Watson Lapel/Blouse/Deerstalker Pin

Thanks to the kind research by our distinguished Charter Member Harrison Hunt “Dash,” the Society has been fortunate to obtain a supply of distinctive and very nicely-crafted lapel, blouse or deerstalker pins featuring Dr Watson’s Scots clan badge and motto “Insperata Fluorit” which translates to the very appropriate “It Has Flourished Beyond Expectation.”

Given the worldwide flourishing of Dr Watson’s Canon–far beyond his original expectations–it is a most fitting motto for adoption by our Society. The badge shows two hands grasping the evergreen and ever-growing Tree of Knowledge set upon the ancient tartan of the old Edinburgh Watson family from which our good doctor doubtless descends. No more perfect symbols of the Society’s goals and aspirations could be asked for.

In future, we hope to further incorporate this Watson clan badge into our Society’s publishing endeavors and adapt its elements as a part of the Society’s logo and publishing colophon.

Members wishing to have and wear the Watson lapel, blouse or deerstalker pin to Sherlockian meetings and gatherings as a proud indication of their membership in The John H Watson Society may care to purchase a pin at the Society’s cost including shipping of just $10 U.S. and $15 International. The “Buy Now” button above will accommodate PayPal purchases. We anticipate having a limited stock of pins for shipping to you by 25 January 2014.