A Puzzle For You

If you are a jigsaw puzzle fan and a Sherlock Holmes fan, this is for you. Look at this picture, and you are overwhelmed by the World of 1895 that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle captured.

You have pictures of the Holmes brothers, the Ultimate Villain, the devoted Dr Watson and the imagined Femme Fatale.

There are so many of those phrases that we have grown to love, to quote, and to try to live in our everyday actions. How many of us have looked around all everyday situations and tried not just to see but to observe? To count the steps we walk up every day and find out we had no idea that there may be seventeen steps!

This puzzle even has a SPOILER section revealing all 60 of the cases and their villains.  Scenes from the Canon, the cover of Mrs. Beeton’s Christmas Annuals and the cliff at Reichenbach Falls in the Final (or is it?) Problem.  And there is more. So, So much more.

For under $20 ($14.99 USD, to be exact), you can have hours of frustrating satisfaction and unlimited enjoyment. The Think Geek folks did not make this easy but they made it well worth the effort. Truly, thanks to them, The Game is Afoot.

Available now at ThinkGeek.com: Sherlock Holmes 1000pc Puzzle.

On February 21st… It’s a Special Day!

If you live in a country in which this numerical date is typically entered with month first, Then you have a chance by adding a B to have a very special day:

Happy 221B Day!!!!

If you live in a country that lists the day first, well, you had your 221B Day last month!


[Thanks to the Sherlock Food Tumblr for featuring that nifty cake! –Selena Buttons]