Welcome to Walter Colby, JHWS “Sammy”

Mr Walter Colby has become our 106th Charter Member and the Society extends a warm welcome to Walter who resides in Northampton, Massachusetts.  Walter writes:”My recent Sherlockian life began in 2007 when Tom Brydges introduced me to his scion society The Sherlock Holmes Club of the Upper Valley in Hanover NH.  I subsequently also joined the Baker Street Breakfast Club of Bennington VT for which I’m now acting as webmaster.  I also contribute articles to our newsletter, Groans, Cries, and Bleatings, and have a regular column, Sherlock Holmes Online, in which I write about websites of interest.

I attended with great pleasure the June 2010 Bennington conference Sherlock Holmes: The Man and His Worlds. While visiting Montreal in 2011 I was made very welcome by members of The Bimetallic Question. The 2013 Baker Street Irregulars & Friends Weekend in New York City was my first and I plan to appear again in 2014.  I have been an appreciative guest at several events of The Speckled Band. Very recently I journeyed to Connecticut and attended a dinner meeting of The Men of the Tor, whom I promptly joined.

I enjoy the writings about the writings, researching aspects of life in the time of Holmes, touring Holmesian sites in London, investigating obscure references in the canon, starting my day with Hounds-L, finding pastiches as well executed as the Solar Pons stories of August Derleth, and all the social aspects of being a Sherlockian.”

Please extend our traditional greeting to Mr Colby: “You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”