Welcome to Stephen Boothe, JHWS “Roscoe”

A warm welcome is extended to Stephen Boothe, JHWS “Roscoe” and member of the Hounds of the Internet and An Irish Secret Society at Buffalo.  Stephen lives in Silver Creek, New York and has also introduced his daughter, Hannah, to the Society. We greatly enjoy having this new student member and her father as new members.

Stephen writes:

“I’ve always associated my love of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson with family. As a youth in the 1980’s, I was introduced to Sherlock Holmes through the Ian Richardson Holmes portrayals in movies of that era. This started me on my Sherlockian path. One of the fondest memories of my entire life was my Dad calling around to local bookstores to find me a volume of Sherlock Holmes for my very own. Receiving some good advice from a bookseller, he put in a special order and purchased me a copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

Years later, I now have the opportunity to pass along my fascination with Holmes and Watson to my children. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of introducing my eldest daughter, Hannah, to the canon.  More recently, I have happily exposed her to the new Sherlockian renaissance through the BBC Sherlock series. Seeing elements of the original canon stories re-interpreted to current times has hooked her on that series and, more importantly, on those original stories themselves. I’m proud that she wishes to be part of this worthwhile Society and will be joining with me as a charter member.

I am a member of An Irish Secret Society at Buffalo and the Hounds of the Internet (The Nonconformist Clergyman). I also enjoy taking part in Sherlockian social media including Twitter and the Sherlock Holmes community on Google+.”

Please welcome Stephen with the Society’s traditional greeting, now extended to 114 Founding and Charter Members:  “You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”