Welcome to Hannah Boothe, Charter Member (student) JHWS “Penny”

As always, we are particularly delighted to welcome a student member to the Society. Hannah Boothe, JHWS “Penny” lives in Silver Creek, New York. She writes:

“I live in Silver Creek, New York, and attend Silver  Creek High School. I was first introduced to Sherlock Holmes when my dad suggested I read the stories a few years ago. He also recently introduced me to BBC’s Sherlock. I am very interested in Watson’s relationship with Holmes, as Holmes is so secluded, yet allows Watson into his life fairly quickly. I feel that being a member of this society will help me to further discover what is so special about their relationship.”

We extend to Hannah a warm welcome and invite her to participate in the Society activities and to consider articles for the journal, The Watsonian. We also would like to encourage Hannah to consider creating a Consulting Room branch of the Society at her high school. The Society will help her with that and offer support to that endeavor if desired.

Please extend a warm welcome with our greeting:  “You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”