A Society Survey

We are conducting a survey of all of the Society’s members. We would appreciate your responses, brief or in more detail.Rex Stout, the creator of the huge Nero Wolfe body of detective stories, (pun intended) was a Sherlockian of great renown. As such, there may well be Sherlockian and Watsonian influences in the Neronian canon.

The survey question is:  How many of our members have read the Nero Wolfe works by Stout, and are you somewhat interested, very interested, or equally interested in the Neronian canon as you are in the Sherlockian canon? Do you regularly read and reread the Nero Wolfe stories?

Thank you for your replies, in advance. They may be left as comments here.

Clarification:  This has nothing to do with the John H Watson Society. It concerns understanding if there are those who see cross-over between Rex Stout’s characters and the Sherlockian characters and related scholarship.  The Society’s focus will NOT change.