We’re Back!

We have Internet service and the Society is open for business!  We have monograph and pin orders, but have not found those boxes yet, so please bear with us.  We will be totally unpacked and ready to mail things out in a day or two.We bought our home sight unseen and in the week since closing have had the interior totally repainted, all new carpeting, new window treatments, new air conditioning, multiple repairs, new lawn irrigation system, termite prevention treatment, pest control, total landscape trimming and overhaul, bought new appliances, got driver’s licenses, got a new car, met the neighbors, and have tried six new restaurants!  Buttons is ready for a big, comfy chair and The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes!

Back to Society business . . .!  The journal is being edited and finalized. It will print in early April and we should have it mailed to members by the end of April.  It’s Big!

The Watsonian: Inaugural Issue Arrives


The Watsonian is Here!
We are comfortable with saying the journal has arrived in our member’s mailboxes. If you have not received your issue, give it a few more days and then let Buttons know it has not been received.We are pleased that we have had no known glitches. Our printer, G&H Soho, in Elmwood Park, New Jersey has done a superb job of printing, binding and mailing and has our thanks for working with us on this first issue to get everything right. And, the Society was well within its production and postage budget for the first journal. Visit their website:  http://www.ghsoho.com .

The Society hopes you enjoy the journal and all of the excellent articles it contains from our very talented members. We have already received many kind comments from members and, if you have good things to say, or wish to comment in a constructive manner, please contact our Editor and Publisher, Dr Joanne Yates, via email at publisher@johnhwatsonsociety.com and let her know of your enjoyment, or leave a Comment here. If you wish your letter to be published in Letters to the Editor of the next journal, please indicate at the top of your email or letter: “For Letters to the Editor.” Joanne put hundreds of hours into this issue and has given us all the great benefit of her gigantic talents as an editor and a designer.

The next issue is 15 April 2014 and the deadline for articles, papers, and miscellanea is 15 February 2014. We encourage all of our members to submit selections for the journal. We will all be richer for your talents and interests. One does not have to be an experienced, published writer to submit. Some of our finest articles are from first-time writers. After all, we all share our love of Dr Watson, Sherlock Holmes and the Sacred Canon. That is the only requirement for interesting writing. Give it a try. You may just open and discover a whole new world within yourself.

The Watsonian: Progress Report on the First Issue

The inaugural issue of The Watsonian is at the printer and we await the final proof. It will print by the end of next week and will be in the mail on schedule,  on budget, and way above expectations by 15 October 2013. It is being printed and mailed from Elmwood Park, New Jersey, so those of you on the east coast will receive it first with the rest of the country a few days later, and international mail will take likely up to two weeks. But, it is very much worth the wait!

The journal is 152 pages, perfect bound, and it is beautiful!  Our Publisher and Editor, Joanne Yates, has gone far beyond the call of duty and, over hundreds of hours, has produced a fine, fine journal. But, you–our members and authors–have exceeded our wildest expectations. Your papers, articles, and miscellanea are both the highest quality and astonishingly high in quantity. We had to reserve at least four excellent papers for the next issue.

So, the Society is most happy to report a success in the making . . . the first issue of The Watsonian . . . and let’s all hope for many more to follow for a very long time! So, please start your papers and articles and fictional pieces for the April 2014 issue.