Welcome to Susan Z. Swan, PhD, JHWS “Cygnus” from Okinawa

The Society is pleased to welcome our first Charter Member living and teaching at a university in Okinawa. Dr Susan Z. Swan writes:

“What a treat to run across the webpage for the John H. Watson Society! It always felt a trifle unfair that Holmes got most of the credit when Watson did so much of the work — and was so often smeared for the sins of that “literary agent/editor.” A few years ago, I rebuilt the Writing 101 course that I teach to be based on reading, research, and writing on the Canon (when I made the astonishing discovery that many of my university level students actually did NOT know who Watson and Holmes were). This has reintroduced me to works that were favorites of mine as a child — and has so enchanted many of my students that sometimes it is hard to get them to move back outside the Game long enough to write their research papers. I’m looking forward to connection with colleagues and perhaps even a chance to write for the Watsonian.”

Please welcome Dr Swan and extend to her the Society’s traditional greeting:

You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”