Corrections to the Watsonian

Greetings, all! I come with editor hat in hand: I must to admit to two eratta that need to be applied to the fall Watsonian.

  • Page 44, in Brad Keefauver’s Of All Ghosts: “Your patience [has] been most useful.”
  • Page 81, in Ruth Borgar’s The War Service of Dr John H. Watson: paragraph 3 should indicate that Watson was born around 1852, rather than 1862.

Any other corrections noticed by eagle-eyed readers can be directed to Thank you!

Chronological Challenges

An eagle-eyed member pointed out that today’s entry for SIGN read “December 4, 1888”, when it should have been 1878. While there are a number of cases in which the source we use is an outlier (as also mentioned in the entries for today and yesterday), this was an typographical error on my part and has been corrected.


Late Treasure Hunt Correction!!!

Question #45 reads  ” What is the fourth word in the last line but one?”  This should read the FIFTH word.  Here is the correct revised question:

Using the year in #44, reverse the last three digits, and go there in “W”.’
Add together the number of letters in every appearance of a surname on
the page; average that sum to the third digit; Go to that page number. What
is the fifth word in the last line but one? Define.

Buttons tenders his profound regrets, especially after ten proof readings.