New Data From Alexis Barquin, JHWS “Olivier”

Alexis Barquin, Co-Founder of La Societe Sherlock Holmes de France and JHWS “Olivier” sends the following discovery for our members’ enlightenment. We wish to thank “Olivier” for sending this most interesting new fact to us and for including the original illustrations below.

Alexis writes:

“Dear Members:

Best wishes for 2014. I hope that this new year will bring you many new sherlockian discoveries. Here is one you maybe don’t know:
Sidney Paget was not the first one to draw Sherlock Holmes with a deerstalker (BOSC in The Strand Magazine in October 1891). Thirteen  months earlier, the Bristol Observer was publishing The Sign of Four in 8 issues between 17 May and 5 July 1890 with 24 illustrations. The illustrator has depicted 2 times Sherlock Holmes with a deerstalker… and a moustache.”