Watson’s Biography by Molly Carr “Brenda”

1624930.jpgIn Search of Doctor Watson

Molly Carr, JHWS

Available from Amazon and MX Publishing   $13Fully revised and updated 2nd edition of this detailed biography of Doctor Watson. In her third book author Molly Carr has, for the moment, abandoned the Watson-Fanshaw Detective Agency in favour of discovering as much as possible about Doctor Watson. Radically different in style from her first two books, the investigation will nevertheless be of interest to students of military history, railways both Indian and British and of course all fans of Sherlock Holmes.

Holmes is a household name. But where would he be without his Biographer? Beavering away in Baker Street, unknown to everyone except Scotland Yard and a few luckless criminals. It is time to put the loyal and much put upon man, Dr. John H. Watson M.D., centre stage.


Welcome to Molly Carr, JHWS “Brenda,” MA, PhD, Author and Watsonian

The Society is delighted to welcome to Charter Membership the well-known British Watsonian and Sherlockian author, Molly Carr.  She writes:

“Unlike  many Sherlockians (or, in this case, Watsonians) I came to the canon relatively late in life after visiting East Yorkshire and seeing a memorial to men who marched up from the Indian town of Quetta to Kandahar in 1880. Now, a much earlier Doctorate (which owed more to cantos than crime) and five Holmes/Watson books later I am finding it difficult to write about anything else.”

Dr Carr is a retired Biologist who also has a Doctorate in Victorian Poetry which, surprisingly, has helped her in writing books about Doctor Watson and his wife, Mary Morstan.  A voracious reader, a music lover, and a keen photographer, she lives with her like-minded husband in a beautiful spot in Hereford near the Welsh border. 

Molly is very keen on all aspects of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, likes travelling abroad, meeting friends and researching any number of subjects. A film buff, especially keen on Max Ophuls, Fritz Lang and her favourite comics, Laurel and Hardy. An avid reader of all genres, member of three societies connected with Holmes, as well as The Friends of Doctor Watson, and The John H Watson Society. She is not to be confused with someone of the same name who writes books on cholesterol! 

Molly has written three books about Holmes, The Sign of Fear, A Study in Crimson and In Search of Doctor Watson. Work in Progress: The Noble Spinster. Her most recent book is A Sherlock Holmes Who’s Who from MX Publishing and available on Amazon.

Please extend a warm welcome to Molly Carr into the Society with our greeting to new members:

“You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”