On January 21st…

January 21, 1897: Sir Eustace Brackenstall was killed by Captain James Croker. [ABBE]

January 21, 1897: Theresa Wright, Lady Brackenstall’s maid, said she saw three men in the moonlight. [ABBE]

A Life and a Friend

The Magic That Touches Us All

To All:

A quote from the story that first convinced me of the friendship and partnership of Watson and Holmes. Watson could have said. ‘Forget it,’ and rolled over in the covers and gone back to sleep. But he did not, and thus became one of my best friends who just happens to be fictional.


“Chips” aka Ron

‘Come, Watson, come!’ he cried. ‘The game is afoot. Not a word!  Into your clothes and come!’ 

–Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Abbey Grange