3rd Annual Treasure Hunt Answers

Hello!  As noted yesterday on the news page, the treasure hunt answers are attached here today on the Quiz page.  As you read through the document, you will realize that some alternative answers you submitted were accepted for the point count or your total points would not have been as high.   I had hoped to add the alternative answers to this document but due to the number of entries received, time just does not permit.  As always, questions/comments are welcome at treasurehunt@johnhwatsonsociety.com.



2015 JHWS TH with Answers

3rd Annual Treasure Hunt Change & Reminder

Hi All:  Taking up a bit of space here on the news page today to remind our Treasure Hunters about the forum that is open on the Quiz page.  Since we have some new teams competing this year, I’m worried not everyone knows to check the comments on the Quiz page forum from time to time for changes/clarifications to the Treasure Hunt.  Today, for example, Question #27 was removed from the hunt tally due to a question construction issue.  I hope everyone working on the Treasure Hunt receives the message–I would hate for anyone to spend time searching for an answer that is not going to be included in the scoring.  Thanks for your time and interest.

Now…back to your regular programming…

3rd Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt Forum Is Open

Hi Treasure Hunters!  This post is now open for clarifications/questions/discussion concerning the 3rd Annual JHWS Treasure Hunt.  It will remain open through September 1.  Please feel free to discuss anything related to the hunt with the exception of posting specific answers to any of the questions.  Any questions to /clarifications needed from the Treasure Hunt Master will be answered as quickly as possible.   Good luck!