The Treasure Hunt: Second Appetizer

Dear All,

as the deadline for the Hunt approaches, I have been busy in a revision process of the 100 questions. Using the feedback from the first test question, I had to come to a painful decision. One question was cut out because a certain turn of phrase would have been somewhat unfair to English-speaking people (ironically, Germans would have had significant advantages).

Since it was one of my favourite questions (and, I guess, the most difficult of the batch) I don’t want to let it die. So I submit it here for your consideration.
Hint: the solution is also the name of a London Underground station.

“No ghosts need apply”, said once Holmes. Nevertheless, he occasionally spent some time in a place that has the same name of a “ghost”. Which place? In which story or stories does he visit it?

I think that if you can guess this one, you will do very well indeed in the Hunt.

The solution will be posted at the end of next week. Have fun!


The Treasure Hunt: Second Appetizer — 5 Comments

  1. I’m feeling challenged by this and I look forward to working on it.


  2. I’m adding futher explanation to clarify a little:
    – the answer is the name of a place mentioned in the Canon which is also, incidentally, the name of an Underground station.
    – the name is the same name of a “ghost” (please note the quotation marks).
    The question requires a little Wikipedia or Britannica online research.
    Good luck!

  3. Hey Michele:

    I’ve been away and unable to work on this yet. Please don’t post the answer for a few days?

    The SOB TH team is coming together to work on it.

    Great question!


  4. I received several replies, some very ingenious indeed, but none correct.
    Let me help and clarify:
    – the solution is the name of a London Underground station. It’s not part of the name or a similar name, it’s exactly the name (e.g. “Kensington” is not an acceptable answer because there is no such station: there’s a “High Street Kensington” and a “Kensington (Olympia)”)
    It’s a very difficult one, I told you. And one that needs a bit of Wikipedia research.
    There’s still a day and a half, keep trying! 🙂