• Happy Birthday Ralph Truman!

    Ralph Truman was born May 7, 1900 and he appeared in a variety of Disney and Alfred Hitchcock productions. He portrayed the good doctor in a 1943 production of My Dear Watson for the BBC Home Service.

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  • Chapter and Verse finally added to the Good Book

    Our own Bullpup Buck, Paul Thomas Miller, known for his tireless advocacy for wildlife in the Rear of the Year competition, has annotated the complete Canon so that you may now cite passages by chapter and verse. Check it out here: Chapter and Verse Holmes

    Bullpup Buck has invited everyone to download and freely share it as well.

    See the source image
  • A gathering of the JHWS next Saturday, April 24!

    The John H. Watson Society will Zoom again on Saturday, April 24 at 10 AM PDT, 11 AM MDT, 12 Noon CDT, 1 PM EDT, 6 PM BST, 7 PM CEST, etc. (At least we think that’s how the time zones will work!)

    This time out we’re breaking our toasting free of those same three monthlies, so bring toasts on anything Watson-related if you got ’em. Also, we’ll be doing a deep dive into that page that Watson says is missing from his letters to Holmes at the start of Chapter Eight of The Hound of the Baskervilles. What was Watson hiding from his reading public? Where did that page go? We’ll be entertaining all theories or any “found text” versions of that page you might have found (or claim to have found), so bring everything you’ve got on this Watsonian mystery we’re going to try to solve!

    If you need the Zoom invitation, please send a request to and we’ll get you the link.

    And if you just want some good Watson to warm up for the meeting, this week’s episode of The Watsonian Weekly, our club’s official podcast, is on the e-air once again. Check it out at or on Apple podcasts or Spotify!

  • One hundred Watsonian Weeklies!

    As if there weren’t enough to occupy your time on a Saturday in spring, including a virtual 221B Con, today at noon Central Standard Time, the Watsonian Weekly will be recording it’s 100th episode! Not the best weekend for it to happen, but one hundred is one hundred, and if you’d like to be present for the live recording and hear all the stuff that gets edited out before it gets edited out, just toss an email to for the Zoom link. We only hit one hundred once, so stop by and get a rare look at podcast history in the making!

  • The Best, Worst and Strangest Doctor Watson Portrayals of All-Time, Ranked

    You may have seen this ranking of Sherlock Holmes portrayals today:

    Not to be outdone, we ranked all the Doctors Watsons. They all tied for first place.

  • Happy Birthday Andrew Sachs!

    Born April 7, 1930, Sachs appeared on many shows including Fawlty Towers and Coronation Street. He portrayed Doctor Watson from 2002-2010 in The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

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  • Don’t panic! The meeting’s in two weeks!

    Just in case you missed the earlier notice, the John H. Watson Society’s monthly Zooms are springing forward a couple weeks to the fourth Saturday, which seems like a less-trafficked Zoom day. Invitations aren’t out yet, but be sure to update your calendar to March 27th. Hope to see you then!

  • JHWS meeting time – final poll

    Per the results of the previous survey we will be moving to the fourth Saturday of the month. However, there was effectively a tie between keeping the same time or moving an hour later. If those are the only two options, which do you prefer.

    221b: The Seven Percent Solution - The Forgotten Holmes
  • Congratulations to Larry Albert on 150 episodes portraying Doctor Watson
    ATC30: The Adventures of Harry Nile & Larry Albert Interview | Audio  Theatre Central

    Larry Albert, who plays Dr. Watson for Aural Vision Productions with John Patrick Lowrie as Holmes, recently celebrated the 23rd year of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, making this longest running full cast audio series devoted to the adventures of the world’s greatest detective! With over 150 original Sherlock Holmes scripts being produced, that’s something of a milestone for all involved.

  • Call for toasts and speaker

    Our March meeting will be this Saturday. We need toasts to Murray, Mary and Medicine. We would also still like someone to give a presentation on the career of Royce Pierreson. Please contact if any of these opportunities appeals to you.

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