• No July meeting of the JHWS?

    Due to a family obligation of the usual host and the lack of a backup plan, the usual monthly Zoom won’t be happening for July. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal in August, but if you have any potential alternatives for fellow members of the society to gather, post them in the comments.

  • Happy Birthday Michael Williams!

    Born July 9, 1935, Williams was the husband of Dame Judi Dench. Williams portrayed Watson in every Canonical story for BBC Radio 4 between 1989 and 1998.

    Michael Williams (actor) - Age, Birthday, Biography, Movies, Children &  Facts |
  • This JHWS meeting and the next

    The June meeting of the John H. Watson Society today featured a lively discussion of John Watson’s childhood, which somehow took Watson from traveling via balloon to whether nannies counted as “experience of women,” a a lot of sideroads along the way. Would Paul Newman make a better Watson than a Holmes? And why was he in that convent with one of our members? How did you stop a monowheel? Did young Watson have toffee?

    If you needed a reminder, which we failed to send, we’ll try better next time. What does “next time” mean? Our July meeting will feature a recognizable and colorful passage from the good Watson as read in as many different languages as our members can speak! Which passage will that be? We need suggestions!

    What part of the Canon would you know even if it were in a language you don’t speak? What paragraph or dialogue is Watson at his best? Throw your suggestions in the comments and we’ll pick one a couple weeks in advance for our next meeting.

  • Kid Watson makes the meeting?

    Others may start to gather in person, but the John H. Watson Society Zooms again! Saturday, June 26 at 10 AM PDT, 11 AM MDT, 12 Noon CDT, 1 PM EDT, 6 PM BST, 7 PM CEST, etc. is the next appointed meeting time, and we’ll get together to discuss John Watson’s childhood and all that it might have held. Favorite sweet? Favorite games? Favorite books? Family drama is for adults, so let’s let Watson be a kid and see where that takes us. Come one, come all. If the Zoom invitation doesn’t turn up in your mailbox somehow, drop a line to and we’ll see you get one.

  • Happy Birthday Carleton Hobbs!

    Carleton Hobbs was most famous for portraying Sherlock Holmes, but he first portrayed Doctor Watson alongside Arthur Wontner in a 1943 production of The Boscombe Valley Mystery. He was born June 18, 1898.

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  • Summer time is podcast time!

    So, summer’s here, and you find yourself sitting around the Shingle of Southsea with fifteen or twenty minutes on your hands, and you’re just tired of listening to the cries of the various sea birds . . . what do you do? Remember the Watsonian Weekly? (Also in all those places you find random podcasts. Just search “Watsonian Weekly” — nobody else is using that name, trust us!)

  • Get your fresh Watsonian Weekly here!

    Miss Saturday’s meeting of the John H. Watson Society and need a report on it? Want to hear what brand new feature that Paul Thomas Miller has concocted for podcast listeners? All that and the features you’ve come to know and hopefully have some measure of affection for, on this week’s latest Watsonian Weekly. Find it online at:

    Or you can always check your favorite podcast provider to see if they carry it! There are plenty of Sherlockian podcasts out there, but still only one Watsonian Weekly!

  • What does May mean for a Watsonian?

    For John H. Watson, May of 1891 may have been a time of sad bereavement, but for the John H. Watson Society it is time to Zoom again! Saturday, May22 at 10 AM PDT, 11 AM MDT, 12 Noon CDT, 1 PM EDT, 6 PM BST, 7 PM CEST, etc. is the next appointed meeting time, and we’ll get together to discuss John Watson’s life in May of 1891 from the 5th through the end of the month. Where did he go? Who did he talk to? What were his next steps, if he could even rise to make them?

    If you need the Zoom invitation, please send a request to and we’ll get you the link.

    And if you just want some good Watson to warm up for the meeting, this week’s episode of The Watsonian Weekly, our club’s official podcast, is on the e-air once again. Check it out at or wherever fine podcasts are downloaded.

  • Happy Birthday Lloyd McAteer Battista!

    Born May 14, 1937, Battista portrayed Doctor Watson in a 1977 production of The Hound of the Baskervilles for CBS Radio Mystery Theater. He had starred in the 1950s soap opera Love of Life and appeared in a number of spaghetti Westerns.

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  • Happy Birthday Ralph Truman!

    Ralph Truman was born May 7, 1900 and he appeared in a variety of Disney and Alfred Hitchcock productions. He portrayed the good doctor in a 1943 production of My Dear Watson for the BBC Home Service.

    Actor Ralph Truman.jpg