The Society Announces the Monograph Series

First Monograph Published
The John H Watson Society is honoured to announce the forthcoming publication of the first in a series of monographs featuring original research in Canonical topics. Coin of the Canonical Realm will be released in December in time for Christmas gifts (we hope). It is the exhaustive research work by Founding Member, Director, and eminent Sherlockian, Mr Nicholas Utechin, “Rex” of the U.K.  This first of a series of monographs to come in future is a fifty-eight page, perfect bound publication designed by the Society’s Editor and Publisher, Dr Joanne Yates. It is being made available to members, and the first edition, first state is limited to 100 numbered copies. The cost is $9 plus $3 postage for U.S. members, and $9 plus $5 postage for international members. PayPal or credit cards may be used by clicking the “Buy Now” button below. The Society is covering its printing and postage costs at this price with $1.50 left to contribute to future publishing expenses. Please support the Society’s efforts in furthering original research in the Canon.

Coin of the Canonical Realm by Nicholas Utechin

Coin of the Canonical Realm by Nicholas Utechin

In this, the first monograph published by the John H Watson Society, Nicholas Utechin sets out to make 21st century sense of all the 19th century mentions of money in the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what a ‘half-sovereign’ would buy today? Find out what Mary Morstan stood to gain if the Agra treasure had not been hurled out of the Aurora.   How much in dollars – then and now – would Neville St. Clair’s daily begging takings have amounted to?  Could Sir Henry Baskerville’s $6 boots be bought for an equivalent sum in 2014?

Coin of the Canonical Realm is an important work whose validity might not survive all-engulfing world inflation, but currently provides the first ever detailed snapshot of the practicalities of Holmes’s financial world. Mr Utechin masterfully details every mention of money in the Canon and makes “then and now” comparisons of value for each instance. The monograph also features a full-color Appendix showing excellent photos of the various coins and notes used during the Canonical years.  This is scholarly research that has not been accomplished heretofore in Watsonian/Sherlockian history. This monograph, like those of Holmes, will become an instant collectible and an essential reference work for serious scholars. Don’t miss having your copy of the 100 limited first editions.

NICHOLAS UTECHIN is a Director-at-Large of the John H Watson Society (‘Rex’), a Baker Street Irregular (‘The Ancient British Barrow’) and an Honorary Member of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London (having edited “The Sherlock Holmes Journal” from 1976-2006).   He is a freelance journalist and worked for many years as a producer and presenter on BBC radio.  He lives in Oxford, U.K.