Watsonian Vol. 6, No. 1 (Spring 2018)


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This is the Spring 2018 volume of the Watsonian, edited by Elinor Gray, JHWS “Misty”.

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This volume features:

    • An Appreciation of Donald Yates, JHWS “Pal”
      Francine Kitts, JHWS “Holly”
    • The Pawky Puzzler
      Margie Deck, JHWS “Mopsy”
    • Pondicherry Ponderings: Oliver!
      Alexian Gregory, JHWS “Darwin”
    • Roxie’s Ramblings: Aunt Who?
      Sandy Kozinn, JHWS “Roxie”
    • A Three Person Problem
      Paul Thomas Miller, JHWS “Buck”
    • “To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman.” Here is Why.
      Richard Olken, JHWS “Palmer”
    • I Want a Watson
      Gretchen Altabef, JHWS “Hamish”
    • Is Sherlockian Scholarship Scholarly?
      Robert Perret, JHWS “Sampson”
    • Watson Pleads the Fifth: Do We Believe Him?
      Brad Keefauver, JHWS “Calder”
    • Holmes’ Fiddle
      Stephan Arthur, JHWS “Dalton”
    • Lot 249: an “impossible” hypothesis
      Michele Lopez, JHWS “Reggie”
    • In Praise of the Deerstalker
      David Marcum, JHWS “Marker”
    • What A Difference A Generation Makes!
      Rohase Piercy
    • Book Review: My Dearest Holmes
      Elise Elliot, JHWS “Lucy”
    • Notes on a Love Story
      Em Pearson
    • Ever Polishing the Doctor’s Brass Plate
      Beth Gallego, JHWS “Selena Buttons”

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