Watsonian Vol. 5, No. 2 (Fall 2017)


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This is the Fall 2017 volume of the Watsonian, edited by Elinor Gray, JHWS “Misty”.

The digital edition of this volume is a DRM-free PDF file for download.

Print editions of this issue are not currently available.

This volume features:

  • Billiards With: The Sound of the Baskervilles
    Ariana Maher, JHWS “Carla”
  • The End of the Hound of the Baskervilles
    David N Haugen
  • The Truth about Baritsu
    Carlos Orsi
  • Once Again about Wilma Neruda and the “little thing of Chopin’s”
    Vera Mazzotta, JHWS “Flora”
  • Of All Ghosts
    Brad Keefauver, JHWS “Calder”
  • The 2017 Internation Canonical Treasure Hunt
    Michele Lopez, JHWS “Reggie”
  • Joan Watson: A Spark Where All is Dark
    Kendell Fitzgerals
  • The Adventures of the Misplaced Stonefly
    E.D. Gonzalez
  • The War Service of Doctor John H Watson
    Ruth Borgars
  • On Audrey Kavun’s Sherlock Holmes
    Hannah Yang
  • Holmes, Voiceless
    Emily Pearson
  • Irene by Any Other Name: A Survey of Pronunciations of Canonical Characters
    Robert Perret, JHWS “Sampson”
  • The Pawky Puzzler
    Margie Deck, JHWS “Mopsy”
  • Pondicherry Ponderings
    Alexian Gregory, JHWS “Darwin”
  • Roxie’s Ramblings
    Sandy Kozinn, JHWS “Roxie”
  • Ever Polishing the Doctor’s Brass Plate
    Beth Gallego, JHWS “Selena Buttons”
  • Illustrations by Diigii Daguna, Sara Otterstätter, and Hannah Yang

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