Watsonian Vol. 4, No. 1 (Spring 2016)


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This is the Spring 2016 volume of the Watsonian, edited by James C O’Leary, JHWS “Pippin.”

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This volume features:

  • Roxie’s Canonical Ramblings
    Sandy Kozinn, JHWS “Roxie”
  • The Pawky Puzzler
    Margie Deck, JHWS “Gwen”
  • Slavic Sherlock: A Collector Goes Russian In
    Alexian Gregory, JHWS “Darwin”
  • Houndian Howlers
    Alexian Gregory, JHWS “Darwin”
  • Billiards With: Uno Studio in Holmes – an Interview with Michele Lopez, JHWS “Reggie” and Stefano Guerra, JHWS “Lucas”
    Ariana Maher, JHWS “Carla”
  • John H Watson and Sherlock Holmes: A Moral Compass for the 21st Century
    Michele Lopez, JHWS “Reggie”
  • A Bevy of Boxes
    Robert S Katz, JHWS “Willow”
  • A Letter to Dr Watson
    Roger Johnson, JHWS “Count”
  • Which of You is Watson?
    Bert Coules
  • Toast to the Jezail Bullet
    Monica M Schmidt, JHWS “Margaux”
  • A Three-Paragraph Problem: Watson’s Military Service
    Geoffrey Stavert
  • Some Observations on “Watson’s Commission”
    Peter H Jacoby, JHWS “Beller”
  • Dr Watson’s Afghanistan Campaign Medal
    Greg D Ruby, JHWS “Darth”
  • In Defense of Watson
    Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”
  • A Brief Critique of “In Defense of Watson”
    Peter H Jacoby, JHWS “Beller”
  • A Response to Beller’s “Brief Critique”
    Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”
  • A Further Response to Dash’s Objections
    Peter H Jacoby, JHWS “Beller”
  • Watson’s Wound Redux… And Redux
    Robert S Katz, JHWS “Willow”
  • A Toast to Dr John H Watson
    Stephanie Thomas, JHWS “Hyacinth”
  • The Only Selfish Action
    Monica M Schmidt, JHWS “Margaux”
  • Pearls and Princes
    Enrico Solito, JHWS “Devon”
  • The Hansom Cabs of John H Watson
    James McArthur, JHWS “Max”
  • The Unknown Story Behind the Adventure of Silver Blaze as Recorded in the Private Diary of Leslie Charleston
    Charles Blankensteen, JHWS “Patch”
  • Nerve and Knowledge: Doctors, Medicine and the Sherlockian Canon (Book Review)
    Harrison Hunt, JHWS “Dash”
  • Ever Polishing the Doctor’s Brass Plate
    Beth Gallego, JHWS “Selena Buttons”
  • Illustrations by Basil Chap, John Foster, Marco Grassi, Kayla Kinoo, and Hannah Yang

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